Government Is Covering Up Something Huge!!! Osama is a Diversion!

So after looking online into numerous topics about the Osama Bin Laden Conspiracy and Doing a Post on it yesterday.. (LINK) He could have died back in December 2001 of a kidney failure.. This was stated in a Egyptian Newspaper and even talked about his funeral… So I’m not saying he’s alive but who knows what the truth is.. But I know our government loves Photoshopping images and censoring things.. But there could be something way more serious is going on and this Osama Bin Laden “Death” could be a massive diversion to change the focus on the mainstream media outlets and most of the American people..

I don’t know how many times I seen on Facebook and on Youtube about people saying that they are “happy” that they caught Osama.. So I posted about how there is something “not right” about this latest death.. Then people started commenting on my post.. Now these people are Patriotic and who are in the Military and they are saying I’m crazy and I don’t know what I’m talking about because the News said that they killed him… But there is something more to this than that.. Now I think these people are “conditioned” into believing everything the government/media says..  I always take a deeper look into it than most people and that’s what makes me to want to share this information with everyone who “cares..” But below I’m going to include some quotes from Abovetopsecret Forum and some images from some members…

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A dark haired male anchor (don’t know his name I rarely watch MSM let alone MSNBC these days) had a small piece of paper he was looking at. The anchor then said something along these lines in one of the most chilling tones I’ve ever heard on the news:

“No one is telling me I can’t report this so I will now say that the President will be announcing that…I’m now being told to hold this announcement though it doesn’t say that on this paper.”

As he was cut off all of us in the living room started yelling and we were all freaked out. He was staring at the piece of paper and his face looked nothing short of haunting. As he said the last part of the quote it felt as though he was considering saying what he was about to anyways. He didn’t, though he went on to say that all they could report right now is that the news involves a “grim” development involving a CIA operation overseas. At that comment my heart was racing and I was sure we were about to get some WORLD CHANGING news.

Then the Osama development came along and me and everyone I was watching it were underwhelmed. The anchor shifted and the original reporter was nowhere to be seen.

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These Are Images Posted By Wearedust…

Now this was edited by him I guess, Just Pointing Out The Anomalies In The Photo…Its weird how they Photoshopped their eyes.. They are looking at something shocking because look at their faces mostly Hillary Clinton’s.. (She Looks Frightened) The Computer screens are all back..(Seems Weird) Now there is another photo which looks to be something else other than the Osama compound.. Looks like Mars maybe or something in space? (Speculation)

Now Here is the Original Photo

Now this was saved by the member before if was Photoshopped by the government..(I wonder if they thought no one would look?) Here is the LINK for the “New” Photoshopped Image on the White House Flicker… Here is a picture of Osama’s “Million Dollar” Compound.. Next is the close up image of Cinton’s eyes… I wonder what was on that screen… Could it be life changing information? Even looking at the picture Above of the group, for some reason Obama looks “out of place..” Now if we can identify all those people in that room would be great.. After reading that quote I posted above, It’s weird how this “big announcement” was on at 11P.M at night.. Has a president done that before? Something is really fishy about this entire “operation” and all the lies that our government has been putting out lately.. Seems like everything is a big joke.. I wish I could find this video that the person has stated seeing on TV… Maybe someone will come up with one soon.. I also found this Picture which shows a newspaper article which Photoshopped Clinton out of the picture.. Our media is Photoshopping images for many different purposes! Who knows the true story anymore?!

The things that are seriously crazy about this is that Osama Bin Laden is being Buried at Sea… Now why would they be so quick to dispose of his body.What about that DNA testing they talk about? Many news outlets were posting that picture I added to the other Osama conspiracy post yesterday. It was a clearly a Photoshop much like Obama’s Birth Certificate.. Could this be a method to give Obama more re-election votes? Now the airports are on High Alert due to “retaliation” from the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.. So what are they planning a new attack? Nobody knows but I know I’m very skeptical of anything that happens so after today’s date… Martial Law? Apocalyptic Event? If you have any other information you found on the internet please send it to… For Now That’s All The Info I Have Found…

Found Some Interesting Videos… (How Are The News “Puppets” Misspelling and Messing Up So Much?)

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Fox News Says Obama Is Dead Rather Than Osama (Click To View In Pop-up)
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Now Alex Jones On Osama Bin Laden….(Click To View In Pop-up)

Ill be Including More Info On This As Soon As I Can Find More Or When Something is “Broadcasted” By The Mainstream Media..