The Minnesota Iceman Body Has Been Sold On Ebay

The Minnesota Iceman Body Has Been Sold For $20,000 (or more) On Ebay & Here is some information and pictures on the Iceman

The “creature”, while under ice, baffled the famed zoologist (and so-called father of cryptozoology) Bernard Heuvelmans who examined it in it’s heyday. Stories circulated as to the origin of the creature ranging from “a hunter shot it in the great northwoods”, to “it was killed during wartime in Southeast Asia”, and even that it was found floating in the ocean encased in it’s signature block of ice. It is thought that the “creature” was actually crafted by one of Disney’s early Imagineers. Regardless of who actually did create it,

According to reports articles on Bigfoot in 1968, cryptozoologists Ivan Sanderson and Bernard Heuvelmans, reportedly examined the Iceman in Hansen’s house trailer in Minnesota, and concluded it was a genuine creature, saying they found “putrefaction where some of the flesh had been exposed from the melted ice.”