Trees Covered By Giant Spider Webs In Pakistan

By Dateline Zero

The people of the Sindh region of Pakistan aren’t the only ones who have been forced to seek higher ground. With more than a fifth of the country submerged, millions of spiders climbed into the trees to spin their webs.

The result is a beautiful, if not also a little creepy, collection of cocooned trees.

The good news: The spiders may be reducing the spread of malaria. According to Wired and the DFID, the spiders’ massive webs are likely capturing malaria-spreading mosquitos, thus preventing the disease from spreading.

This is a real blessing for the people of Sindh, who are facing so many other hardships after the floods. With all that standing water, an outburst of malaria had been a very real concern.

There are plenty of pictures of the alien-looking landscape at National Geographic, and DFID’s flickr.