The Yawalapiti – The Village of Joy (Amazing pictures)

They found happiness living in harmony with Mother Earth. “Keeping it simple” was always the key. Just look at the pictures and tell me if you wouldn’t like to be there too.

The Yawalapiti are one of 14 indigenous tribes living in the Xingu Indigenous Park, in the Amazon Basin (Brazil). His first contact with Europeans occurred in 1887 and its current population is approximately 150 people. The live Yawalapiti times of change, where the interest in preserving their culture and concern for the devastation of the forest are vital Xingu. See the evocative images by photographer Ueslei Marcelino, captured from the heart of our continent.

Deep in the Brazilian heartland, where the upper reaches of the Amazon Basin dissolve into the central plateau, I had the opportunity last week to spend a few days in the village of joy.

What I dubbed the village of joy is the home of the Yawalapiti tribe. One day last week, a group of us were escorted into the Xingu National Park by members of the Darcy Ribeiro Foundation and the Cavaleiro de Jorge cultural center, and arrived at the circular Yawalapiti village under an enormous full moon.

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