Multiple Military Train Convoys Across the U.S

I recently got an article tweeted to me by EZKpatriots, and I think you guys should follow him because he always has good intel! People have spotted HUGE military train-convoys within the United States!! Now the question is where is all this equipment going? Are they preparing for World War 3? Or are they getting ready to implement Martial Law and place citizens in Concentration Camps which have been constructed across the nation by FEMA? We knew something was happening when we got a lot of reports of Military Trucks being transported across the United States on June 20th. I also did another post about all the recent sightings of black helicopters.. Now after putting all of our posts together, we can see that something BIG is happening in the United States.. The only problem is we don’t know if this equipment is being exported or just stationed at different military bases across the nation.. I have a feeling that it’s for the upcoming collapse of the United States Government! Here is some information that I found across the web…

Military Train Convoy Seen Near Bakersfield, California (Source: TheIntelHub)

Now if that wasn’t enough evidence.. Here are a couple videos that were filmed by Jim; A listener at Ground Zero Media . These military sightings has been reported over a week now on that same radio station! The first sightings occurred in Portland, Oregon and now they are being reported in Oregon City, Oregon. So where are these things headed? Below are the three videos which have went viral!

Do you notice that the military equipement is no longer painted for desert warfare? They are now painted with digital-camo for city warfare.. So will you be seeing these vehicles in your neighborhood soon? I have no idea but all I can say is that you should prepare for the worst! Recently the Pentagon has announced they will be training 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States within the next year to help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe!

Links & Videos

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I can tell you that something is happening within the United States.. The Government and the Military doesn’t move equipment without a reason.. They know the future plan for our country; and it’s not looking good for the citizens! Please: If you have any other information about this military movement, Please send me a tweet @usahitman_com or send me an email at Ill update this post as more information becomes available..