Sandy Hook Elementary School Abandoned Before Shooting Even Happpened?

I have been putting this article off for a couple days now, but I believe that the Sandy Hook elementary school was already abandoned before the shooting ever occurred. I have some interesting information and photos which set the mood of the school being abandoned before the shooting even occurred. ‘They’ could have set up the school months, even years in advanced just for this one event to take place. Don’t be fooled, these people will stop at no cost to implement their agendas. (Gun Control is only another block in puzzle) Only a couple weeks after the shooting, the school’s name was taken off the side. I find this very weird, that they would take down the name of the most recognized school shooting in American history. After Columbine, they didn’t take the name down but made the school into a memorial, but at Sandy Hook they want to demolish the school. What about the memories or the events that happened? I think by wrecking it, shows that there is something they’re trying to cover up, maybe because there are no bullet holes? Remember our article about the cars in the parking-lot with bullet holes..

‘They’ pulled the same stunt on 9/11 when they brought tons of dirt trucks into the pentagon’s lawn and literately covered up the evidence that was on the grass from the wreckage. The same theories exist in the two stories; what about the surveillance cameras? What about witness testimonies? Even the Sandy Hook Corner admitted that it was a hoax at a Las Vegas Casio table recently. Ill add complete list of links to research behind the Sandy Hook Conspiracy below the article. After looking at the photos that were on theintelhub’s website, I had an eerie feeling about the school. Why would they surround the school with chain-link fence so fast instead of police tape.. The school still has to be under-investigation right? Do other schools follow the same procedures as Sandy Hook after a shooting? You should also take notice of the warning sign on the fence; the person spelled prosecuted wrong.. (I guess they hand-made the signs) Remember these theories and photos prove nothing, so the MSM doesn’t attack the conspiracies again. Here are the photos of how the school looks today, I’m sure nothing happened here and it was just like a act in a movie… The conspiracy long lives:













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