USAHitman Featured on CNN Attack Piece of Conspiracy Theorists

newcnnusahmThis is not the first time a corporate news organization has attacked conspiracy theorists about theories related to the Sandy Hook Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The first attack was by which is owned by Hearst Communications Inc. I’m not really going to entertain their attack piece only because it’s provides no factual evidence to prove either side of the argument. They clearly implant some propaganda in the article to discredit conspiracy theorists or any theory about the Sandy Hook shooting. They ask why our articles and others on GLP still exist; now they want censorship on top of gun control? They also implant the story that there is only one shooter and that there is no conspiracy. That’s completely bullshit because they are only providing the official story much like many news organizations did during 9/11 and then attacked the freedom of information/speech. I have spend a lot of time looking online, research and putting articles together for everyone to read and make their OWN DECISION about what happened that day. I haven’t seen any of this info on other websites like Infowars, Theintelhub, etc.. Our website is for those who have no filter and who are interested in exposing the system.

Today I wake up and find an article that mentions that our website was featured on an CNN attack piece on conspiracy theorists. Including the professor James Tracy who is also questioning the official story. James also shows the same theories as our website, including the use of crisis actors and that there is more to the story which law enforcement and the media are not reporting on. Below is the video from Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN that attacks our website, James Tracy and others:

[jwplayer mediaid=”44346″]

I love how the media makes the case how they have no idea how this could happen or even that people think like that. This is a complete attack on conspiracy theorists and pushing a ban for ‘Freedom of Speech’ online! Please watch that video above because this is only the beginning of the attacks. They also mention Alex Jones and his interview with Piers Morgan (Why). I have a feeling our search results will now be blacklisted on Google. It’s a completely absurd how they are attacking this theory, Cooper also mentions “We don’t usually give conspiracy websites any airtime”. Then why are they doing it now? Are they trying to dismiss this, before more people start questioning the media? The alternative media is growing and the media can’t keep up with the audience online. People are waking up! Don’t Believe the Attacks: I have researched into every event that the mainstream media refuses even to reported on. We are getting close to something, so ‘they’ have to avoid it and move people away from thinking any more about this shooting. If you’re just getting started into researching behind Sandy Hook please view the links below:

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That’s a lot of information above, that the media refuses to report on. You can’t deny that there is something weird about this shooting! Why is CNN attacking conspiracy theorists, if it’s just a conspiracy? Alex Jones and other websites don’t really mention this conspiracy. Is it because they are paid agents? Only ‘real’ people seem to be reporting this such as James Tracy. I hope he stands his ground and doesn’t loose his job. We conspiracy theorists are not alone in this fight against the corporate media. Expect more info about this in the future and please continue to support our website because we can’t do it without you. And Anderson Cooper if you’re reading this: Freedom of Speech is what makes America great and there is nothing you can do to take away the exchange of ideas and theories across the web. That’s what makes America great, and any further attack pieces on our website will not be tolerated.