More Eerie “Dark Knight Rises” Coincidences and David Icke’s Perspective

Since last week, we’ve been studying “The Dark Knight Rises,” and indeed all of the recent Batman movies, to spot connections to the various mass shootings that have occurred around the United States. Once again we’ve stumbled upon some very interesting information.

Yesterday, we exposed the fact that a section of Gotham City was renamed “Sandy Hook” from “South Hinkley” in the latest Dark Knight release, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

As damning as that evidence seemed, these next “minor coincidences” are equally questionable.

Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre” review

An email sent to us by a reader a few days ago pointed to what he called the “smoking gun” tying the Sandy Hook tragedy, the Aurora “Batman massacre,” and “The Dark Knight Rises” film. We’re not sure exactly how he came across this.

Apparently, an online review was posted for a B-movie slasher flick eerily titled “Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre” on July 20, 2012, the same day “The Dark Knight Rises” was released at theaters, and the same day the mass shooting, aptly dubbed the “Dark Knight massacre,” occurred. The film was released back in 2000.


The review’s first paragraph is very “cryptic”:

“So here we have Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre. Let’s say that again, SANDY HOOK LINGERIE PARTY MASSACRE! What do you think of when you see that combination of words? What’s in a title anyway? Does it have a cryptic meaning? Who is Sandy Hook? What on earth am I writing about? Let’s move on…”

The post appeared on the horror movie review site, a site run by someone named Luisito Joaquin Gonzalez, according to the site’s “about” page. The post was apparently authored by the same person.

We reached out to Mr. Gonzalez for comment and received this reply:

“You are seriously ill to send me something like that – Don’t contact me any more or I will report you for harrassment you bunch of weirdos”

It could all be a coincidence, as Mr. Gonzalez leads us to believe; however, this tops off a mountain of mysterious “coincidences” already surrounding “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Past coincidences

Yesterday we pointed out the fact that, for some reason or other, a portion of Gotham City was renamed “Sandy Hook” from “South Hinkley” somewhere between the first Christopher Nolan Batman film and the last.

We also underscored the fact that Warner Brothers curiously sent out promo kits containing a map vividly depicting supervillain Bane’s strike zones where the newly renamed “Sandy Hook” island is listed as “Strike Zone #1.” In “The Dark Knight Rises,” according to the map, Sandy Hook was where Bane began his crusade to take control of Gotham City by destroying Gotham stadium.

In a previous article, we also pointed out that days prior to the release of “The Dark Knight Rises” rapper Lil Wayne released a music video titled “My Homies Still” absurdly featuring skeletons in a movie theater.

We’ve also highlighted the fact that victims of the “Dark Knight massacre” were made to watch a trailer for the upcoming gangster movie “Gangster Squad” that featured gunmen shooting audience members at a theater prior to a shooting emulating that exact sequence taking place. The trailer was subsequently scrubbed from YouTube and theaters as Warner Brothers alleged a distribution exec “suddenly remembered” that scene was in there.

Skull and Bones Stamp Found in The Dark Knight Rises

In addition, we’ve spotted an entirely new revelation upon a second viewing of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

In the scene where Bane blows up Gotham stadium, notably using controlled demolitions, the number “322” appears on a skybox holding police officers.


The number “322” is notoriously associated with the secretive Yale fraternity Skull and Bones, of which a number of our past U.S. presidents – and Obama’s new Secretary of State, replacing Hillary Clinton if all goes according to plan, Sen. John Kerry, himself also a previous presidential candidate – have been members of.

The book “The Resistance Manifesto” provides a good background on Skull and Bones:


The cult of the Order of Death (aka Skull and Bones) at Yale University is much more than a fraternity. It’s more of a gateway to a network of the world’s most powerful people who have, “either set up or penetrated just about every significant research, policy, and opinion-making organization in the United States, in addition to the Church, business, law, government, and politics.” (Sutton, Antony – America’s Secret Establishment p.25)

[…] A group of 20-30 families has dominated The Order since its creation, mostly blue bloods from Europe. Founded in 1832 at Yale, this seemingly innocent fraternity is far from what many expect and believe. Skull and Bones is the gateway into the club of elite Illuminati, and was set up as the American chapter of that organization. The Order of Death differs from other Illuminati organizations, such as the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, in that it is truly a secret society. Much like the Bilderberg Group and the Bohemian Grove, it does its best to keep things that way.

“It was revealed during the 2004 election that both George W. Bush and John Kerry are members of the Yale University Skull and Bones death cult,” we wrote in 2010. “The late Tim Russert asked Bush and Kerry if they could talk about their membership in the Brotherhood of Death. Both responded by saying they would not talk about Skull and Bones because it is secret. Soon thereafter the story fell off the corporate media radar screen.” Four years after Russert’s interview with Bush, he died of a sudden heart attack.

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