100 Percent of Oat Products Tested Positive for Weedkiller Glyphosate

by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Oat-based meals, corresponding to oatmeal, cereals and bread, are thought-about by many to be a wholesome dietary addition, however when you eat such meals know that you just’re in all probability getting herbicide residues together with them.

In testing finished by Friends of the Earth (FOE), 100 % of oat cereal samples examined optimistic for residues of glyphosate, the lively ingredient in Roundup herbicide.1

While there are a number of causes to rethink the well being worth of oats, together with their lectin content, the rampant use of glyphosate on this crop as a desiccant simply previous to harvest, and their subsequent glyphosate contamination, is worthy of consideration.

All Oat Cereals Tested Contained Glyphosate

FOE, seeking to uncover what number of pesticides and herbicides residues are in generally eaten meals, examined store-brand cereal, beans and produce from the highest 4 meals retailers within the U.S.: Walmart, Kroger, Costco and Albertsons/Safeway.

Altogether, 132 samples of home model samples have been examined, from extra than 30 U.S. shops in 15 states. Residues of glyphosate and pesticides — neonicotinoids and organophosphates — have been discovered, with glyphosate being detected in 100 % of oat cereal and pinto bean samples examined.

The common stage of glyphosate in cereal samples was 360 elements per billion (ppb), which FOE famous is greater than twice the extent set by Environmental Working Group (EWG) scientists for lifetime most cancers danger in kids. Some of the cereal samples contained residues as excessive as 931 ppb.

As for pinto beans, ranges have been discovered as much as 1,128 ppb, though common glyphosate ranges have been 509 ppb — 4.5 occasions increased than EWG’s benchmark for lifetime most cancers danger in kids. According to FOE:

“EWG decided {that a} 1-in-a-million most cancers danger would be posed by ingestion of 0.01 milligrams of glyphosate per day. To attain this most dose, one must eat a single 60-gram serving of oat cereal with a glyphosate stage of 160 ppb or a 90-gram serving of pinto beans with a glyphosate stage of 110 ppb.”

Oat-Based Foods Marketed to Children Contain Glyphosate

EWG additionally commissioned unbiased laboratory checks to find out how a lot glyphosate is lurking within the U.S. meals provide. Forty-three out of 45 meals merchandise made with conventionally grown oats examined optimistic for glyphosate, 31 of which had glyphosate ranges increased than EWG scientists consider can be protecting of kids’s well being.2

Examples of meals with detectable ranges of glyphosate embrace Quaker Dinosaur Eggs prompt oatmeal, Cheerios cereal, Nature Valley granola bars, Quaker metal reduce oats and Back to Nature Classic Granola. Further, out of 16 natural oat meals examined, 5 contained glyphosate, though at ranges under EWG’s well being benchmark of 160 ppb.

Follow-up testing of one other 28 samples of oat-based cereal and different oat-based meals marketed to kids discovered glyphosate in all of the samples examined, with 26 of them coming in above EWG’s well being benchmark of 160 ppb.

Glyphosate was detected in General Mills’ Cheerios and a bunch of Quaker model merchandise corresponding to prompt oatmeal, breakfast cereal and snack bars. The highest glyphosate stage — 2,837 ppb — was present in Quaker Oatmeal Squares breakfast cereal. According to EWG:3

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