10 Signs That You’re Living Under Tyranny


    1.The highest elected Official and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces does NOT have the highest security clearance. No other elected officials have oversight.
    2. The names of bills and groups have the opposite of their meaning, such as the Patriot Act, Tea Party and Citizens United.

    3. Due process is removed under the guise of safety and national security. The label of Terrorists removes all of your rights before conviction.
    4. Nearly every Senator is a Millionaire and to be elected, you would need to spend 10’s of millions for a job that pays $200K.
    5. The Federal Government hires private mercenaries.
    6. The Federal Government trumps States rights, which is why we have States in the first place, to prevent centralized power.
    7. Citizens owing the IRS $2500 may be subject to jail, while a trillion tax dollars are funneled to Wall Street, where bonuses are handed out to executives in companies like AIG. No one serves jail time.
    8. The government exploits society’s most vulnerable citizens to fast track legislation controlling the tools of resistance.
    9. Activists and whistleblowers are sentenced to stiff jail terms while not one banking scandal participant has been arrested nor was anyone brought to justice for the false intelligence that took us to war in Iraq.
    10. Every media event has an increasing number of disbelievers, and conspiracy theorists representing a now measurable portion of society questioning everything.
    Bonus reason: The president signs executive order permitting the murder of US citizens on US soil with the use of drones.