2 pictures of the Pentagon showing the most damning evidence that there was no plane

I did some work with an on screen ruler, and came to the conclusion that the blast hole is about 62.8 feet wide. I calculated this from the aerial picture. Also, I figured that there is about 213 feet of the pentagon wall showing in photo 1. Also I roughly figured there is about 283 feet in between the “do not enter” sign and the pentagon, by measuring the distance of the metallic overpass structure on the freeway exit and the pentagon in photo 2.

So the official story is that a plane, that would roughly 2/3 eclipse the lawn area we see in photo 2 hit the pentagon, the wings disappeared into thin air, and the windows are all still there? Does the government think we are fools?

If a plane the size of a 767 or 757 hit the pentagon, I think we’d at least be seeing damage spanning much more of the 213 feet showing in photo 1 than what we actually see. Unless the plane was literally a transformer that could suck its wings in at the last second, there is no logical way to account for the windows being intact, and the current size of the blast hole.