4/3/12 Massive Chemtrail Spraying, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, HAARP Clouds

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 – Video reports from across the country show aerosol spraying on a grand scale.

Massive Spraying Statewide Over California

Chemtrails over Los Angeles April 3, 2012 Time-Lapse

Chemtrails of HELL – San Fernando

ChemtrAil: valley of death

Chemtrails in Fresno, CA, USA April 3, 2012

Chemtrails Central Valley California 4/3/12

Chemtrail Assault – San Luis Obispo – April 1st to 3rd.


Chemtrails all over – Banning, CA

Up close chemtrail – Alpine, CA

HAARP & Chemtrail Videos from Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Alabama, Pennsylvania

Chemtrail (or… ?) bands over SW FL 4-3-12

CHEMTRAILS Strange Lines In The Sky HAARP – Austintown, Ohio

Chemtrails in Central IL 4-3-12 approx. 9AM

Third Chemtrail over Dothan, AL 4/3/2012

4/3 heavy Geoengineering

Ring Around the Sun 4-3-12

Chemtrails April 3rd 2012 Pennsylvania

Earthquakes In Southern California & Oklahoma

A Swarm of Small Quakes Rattle Nerves in Riverside County

For two days, a series of small quakes have struck the Inland Empire, the latest shaking up residents near Indio on Tuesday Morning.

4/3/2012 — Oklahoma 4.0M earthquake = US Army Ammo depot SURROUNDED by frack wells

Tornadoes In Texas

Raw: Tornado in Dallas Texas (April, 3 2012)

4/3/2012 — MASSIVE outbreak of tornadoes , large hail , damaging wind = 20 states or more

CHEMTRAIL TIME-LAPSE: News 10NBC’s Rich Caniglia pinpoints today’s city forecast.

Rochester City forecast for April 3