‘Alien Abduction’ Research Suggests Episodes Are Actually Lucid Dreams

Hundreds of thousands or millions of Americans believe they have been abducted by aliens. In a normal situation, an abductee recounts lying in bed one night when an eerie feeling overcomes him, and alien beings look out of nowhere. The extraterrestrials transport him to a spacecraft and subject him to a battery of physical and psychological tests. After what seems like hours, he is returned to his bedroom unharmed, and finds that the entire ordeal transpired in minutes.

Abductees believe their traumatic experiences were genuine. Even so, most psychologists believe abductions are lucid dreams or hallucinations, triggered by an awareness of other people’s related experiences. One recent experiment, in which participants trained in lucid dreaming tactics were capable to dream up vivid alien encounters, supports this hypothesis. But if every single perceived abduction is just the newest in a series of hallucinations, what was it that triggered that first dream or delusion? How was the alien abduction story born?

Paranormal investigators say it all started out in the 1940s and ’50s. The Space Age was on us, and sci-fi literature was soaring in reputation with human-alien encounters a recurring theme. In July 1946, “Planet Comics” ran a strip in which aliens employed a luminous tractor beam to kidnap a voluptuous female earthling, whom they called Specimen 9. They tell her the abduction is portion of “Project Survival,” and as they steer their spaceship toward what appears like Saturn, the leader remarks, “Now residence. And if you find our methods ruthless, Specimen 9, it is due to the fact our needs are desperate.”

Likewise, in 1954, a comic strip appearing in the British tabloid The Everyday Express comprehensive the alien abduction of a Royal Air Force pilot. Dozens of other abduction stories graced the pages of sci-fi novels and comic books.  [10 Paranormal Video clips Debunked]

Science fiction gets real

At some point, sporadic reports of real-life violent interactions with aliens started to surface. Most crucial to this narrative, in 1954, two Venezuelan teenagers claimed to have stumbled on a spaceship in the woods close to their village. Small, hairy aliens attacked them, and injured one of the boys before they were in a position to beat the creatures back utilizing an unloaded rifle as a club and escape to security. According to Luis Gonzalez, a UFO professional and skeptic based in Argentina, a magazine article describing this alleged incident looks to have triggered the first alien abduction claim three years later.

In 1957, a Brazilian author named João Martins penned the first installment of a series titled “Flying Saucers’ Terrible Mission” for the magazine O Cruzeiro. “There he describes instances of men and women in isolated locations attacked by small alien beings (the renowned 1954 instances in Venezuela, among others),” Gonzalez told Life’s Little Mysteries. “Martins also asked his readers to write him with their very own experiences. Among hundreds of [responses], he chosen one of a young farmer from Minas Gerais with whom he exchanged many letters.”

The up coming year, Martins paid for the 23-year-old farmer to come to Rio de Janeiro, exactly where he was examined by Dr. Olavo Fontes. The farmer’s name was Antonio Villas Boas, and he claimed to have been abducted by aliens one day after studying Martins’ article.

Dr. Fontes sent a thorough report about the Villas Boas scenario to the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, but, Gonzalez explained, they decided it was too fantastical to publish. “Nonetheless, the story circulated amongst the authorities,” he wrote.

At some point the story received out. Walter Buhler of the Brazilian ufology group SBEDV, and a follower of the self-described alien contactee George Adamski, learned about Vilas Boas’ story, and in 1962, Buhler visited the young farmer in his hometown. The SBEDV subsequently published a report on the Villas Boas situation in English, and the account aligned with Adamski’s earlier descriptions of aliens and their spaceships. In January 1965, an international journal known as the Flying Saucer Critique reproduced Buhler’s report throughout the world.

Real or imagined?

The story provides the blueprint for what would later on become an archetypal alien abduction report. Villas Boas was ploughing fields at night to steer clear of the scorching temperatures of the day, when he saw the red light of a spaceship it slowly approached him and landed close by in a field. Villas Boas attempted to escape but was captured by tiny humanoid creatures, which dragged him into their craft.

The aliens conducted a series of experiments on their captive, such as taking samples of his body tissue, exposing him to a gas that made him violently ill, and compelling him to have sexual intercourse with a female alien, who was, Villas Boas stated, quite attractive, with blonde hair and blue, cat-like eyes.

A handful of specifics hint that the story was fabricated or imagined, according to Kentaro Mori, a paranormal investigator who weblogs at Forgetomori.

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Alien Abduction Common Experiences as Shared by Self-Confessed Abductees

Alien abduction is still a subject for further studies to totally validate thousands of claims from different people around the world even though it was first known since few decades ago. Many people today still do not understand what transpire during alien abduction. It is believed that many cases of abductions are not even reported.

Being abducted by aliens!

http: www.youtube.com watch?v SVI6jeZ6K-k feature player_embedded A guy being abducted by aliens talks about his experience in details. What makes me like it is that, he mentioned the aliens saying something about a rock that will hit the earth in the future and cause destruction to the whole planet.

‘Alien Abduction’ Research Suggests Episodes Are Actually Lucid Dreams