Apartment Complex Bans Weapons and Firearms: No Self-Defense Allowed

noweapons2Kit Daniels

A Colorado apartment complex has sent out a letter to all tenants (and future disarmed slaves) stating that starting October 1, “firearms and weapons are prohibited” from the complex.

Retired Marine Art Dorsch, 77, contacted 9News in Castle Rock, Colorado after receiving the “updated community policies” notice which turns his fine abode into a “victim disarmament zone.”

“I’m a hunter. I’m a licensed conceal and carry person,” Dorsch said to the news channel.

That didn’t matter to the apartment manager who apparently wants to create a mini-Chicago.

A handwritten note on the typed letter emphasizes that even handguns for licensed concealed carry are included in the ban.

“It upsets me very much,” Dorsch said.

To comply with the heavy demand, Dorsch said he may have no choice but to leave his guns with a friend 30 miles away.

Firearm bans at apartment complexes could encourage criminals to perform “home invasions” after realizing that the apartment dwellers are likely unarmed.

Violent crimes will increase as anti-gun attitudes grip Colorado, but many Coloradans are pushing back.

After Colorado Senate President John Morse introduced strict gun control legislation last spring, the “Recall Senator John Morse” committee gathered more signatures to remove Morse from office than he even received in votes for his election.

“It’s pretty amazing,” said Paul Paradis, owner of Paradise Sales Firearms in Colorado Springs. “You think he might have ticked off some of his constituents?”

Colorado recently banned magazines that hold more than 15 rounds, which effectively prevented gun shops from selling rifles that typically use 20 and 30 round magazines.

“We can sell the gun, but we won’t be able to sell the magazine with it, so what’s the point?” gun store manager Richard Taylor said to the Denver Post.

Several northern Colorado counties even recently proposed seceding from Colorado and forming their own state in response to such state gun control legislation among other things.

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