Aurora cop: Four gas masks at crime scene

forsaleProsecutors revealed photos found on Holmes’ cell phone, prosecutors showed that on June 29, July 5 and July 11 Holmes took photos that included the interior of the theater, door hinges and back doors.

In other photos introduced Wednesday, Aurora police detective Sgt. Matthew Fyles showed images Holmes took of himself the night of the shootings.

In one, marked 6:22 p.m., Holmes was wearing black contact lenses. His hair was dyed red under a black cap, and he stuck out his tongue at the camera.

In another image, he is seen smiling with the muzzle of a Glock handgun in the frame.

Prosecutors told the court they introduced the self photos because they help show Holmes’ “identity, deliberation and extreme indifference.”

An image Holmes took of himself on July 5 shows him posing with an assault rifle and “a majority of the tactical, ballistic gear” he had with him when he was apprehended, Fyles testified.

Another photo shows all of the gear used in the attack — the guns, the body armor, helmet and gas mask — arrayed neatly on Holmes’ bed.

Fyles testified that police they found four gas masks, although only two belonged to Holmes. (Second Shooter?)

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