Alien? Chupacabras? A Mummy No One Can Explain Found In Mexico

The well-preserved remains of a mummified creature about 10 cm long with an elongated head, a tail, as well as arms and legs suitable for swimming was found in June of 2012 at a ranch near Camargo by a homeless couple who were scavenging garbage.

pig mummy alien 1

Miguel de la Torre, president of ESRA UFO research (ESRA de investigación del fenómeno OVNI), says his group knows of three similar creatures that have been found. Despite the bizarre appearance, the specimen has a humanoid shape.

The couple who found the creature had fled the City of Juarez due to violence issues. They report having visited a ranch on the outskirts of the city where they were allowed to collect cardboard and plastic. They say the remains were among the garbage.

Santa Rosalía de Camargo, originally called Santa Rosalia, and now known as “Camargo City”, is a city in the eastern part of the Mexican state of Chihuahua. It serves as municipal seat of Camargo municipality. Approximate location where the mummified remains were found at Cuatro Milpas de Camargo.

The region is known for agriculture, cattle, corn, pecan trees and its surrounding mountains. Camargo is ethnically diverse, but mostly of European origin, composed of Spanish, Basque, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Mennonites, South African Boers and Conchos Indians. The Tarahumara Indians come into Camargo to sell goods to local people and they live throughout the region and up in the mountains.

Some think the creature is the remains of an alien, others believe it could be the fetus of a Chupacabras, The investigation is ongoing.

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