Shocking: Was Anaheim, California Under Martial Law?

If you’d been following the news from California following Tuesday’s Anaheim riots spurred by a protest of a nonexistent police force continuum that lead to two fatal shootings of suspects in the Southern California city, chances are you haven’t been getting much accurate information on the current state of Anaheim since the riots.

The riots were eventually quelled, and a mother of one of the men shot to death by police called for an end to the violence. Peaceful protests around the city’s police headquarters proceeded, but when a picket line along Harbor Blvd got too close to Disneyland, something unprecedented and unnerving happened: a paramilitary police force, stripped of names and badge numbers, wearing urban-camouflage utilities, and outfitted with a combat load and assault rifles, emerged to blockade the world-famous theme park.

News sources like the L.A. Times simply report that riot police formed the blockade, but that’s incredibly misleading, and the reports say nothing about the paramilitary forces patrolling the city streets of Anaheim itself en masse.

These “police” look like National Guardsmen, and some have been photographed with grenade launchers, ostensibly loaded with tear gas canisters, M16-A2 assault rifles, and tear gas paintball guns.

What is really going on in Anaheim? Martial law? And why is there a complete blackout by the “main stream media” on the story?

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