Air Force Plant 42: Mysterious New Weapon Revealed?

Let’s get this out in the open. Neither you nor I are likely to discover the truth about the image of that issue that might be a plane under the white covering.

But there’s this site known as Open Source Geoint and it has published a satellite image of one of the most secret defense plants in the country, the Air Force’s Plant 42, where a handful of the top defense businesses build some of the country’s most very classified aircraft and sensors. Plant 42 homes extremely classified facilities where a number of contractors, like, most famously, Lockheed Martin‘s Skunk Performs, do work for the military and the intelligence community. The Skunk Works is where the U-2 spy plane and the F-117 stealth fighter were built.

The image in the satellite photo may, or may not, show the outlines of a previously unknown aircraft. My colleague Dave Majumdar, who writes Flight Global’s the Dew Line, speculates that this aircraft “looks a lot like a RQ-170, but bigger…” He postulates that it may be a P.420, a larger plane than the so-known as Beast of Kandahar. [Note to those who wonder why we build items like the RQ-170. It was able to give important support to the team that killed Osama Bin Laden without having being detected by Pakistani radar.


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