Aborted Fetuses Used in Vaccines Without a Doubt!

Below is a sworn deposition questioning vaccine developer and study author Dr. Stanley Plotkin. The video starts at 40 minutes; I saved you the time to skip through the nonsense. Please Watch the video below and please share. This is why vaccines are 100% Toxic:

Interviewer: How many fetuses were used in the study described in this article?

Dr. Stanley Plotkin: 
Quite a few.

Interviewer: This study involved 74 fetuses, correct?

Plotkin: I don’t remember exactly how many.

Interviewer: Turn to page 12 of the study.

Plotkin: 76

Interviewer: 76

Interviewer: And these fetuses were all three months or older when aborted, correct?

Plotkin: Yes. 

Interviewer: And these were all normally developed fetuses, correct?

Plotkin: Yes.

Interviewer: What organs did you harvest from these fetuses?

Plotkin: I didn’t personally harvest any, but a whole range of tissues were harvested by co-workers.

Interviewer: And these pieces were then cut up into little pieces, right.

Plotkin: Yes.

Interviewer: And they were cultured?

Plotkin: Yes.

Interviewer: OK. Some of the pieces of the fetuses were pituitary gland… that were chopped into pieces…

Plotkin: Uhhmmm.

Interviewer: Included the lung?

Plotkin: Yes.

Interviewer: The skin?

Plotkin: Yes. 

Interviewer: Kidney?

Plotkin: Yes

Interviewer: Spleen?

Plotkin: Yes.

Interviewer: Heart?

Plotkin: Yes…