Assassin James Holmes A Clone?

By Mark Brander

These two different people have a lot of similar features. If you look at the eyebrows they are not identical but kind of the same. If you look at the nose there is a similar appearance in the centre where the bone is. The ears look almost identical and are located in the exact same position relative to the eye line at the top and midway between the nose and lip on the bottom. Also notice the eyes on the right, an up and down reptilian slant perhaps!

Keep in mind that cloning, mind control and also the complete take over and possession of a human, is a specialty of the reptilians. They abduct, implant, wire up, and even take over, the leaders of most nations. So in all probability that is what we are seeing here.  For more on the alien take over of America and other nations visit and familiarize yourself with the story of Revelation 12.