A Joy Ride Through F***ucking Censorship

censorship.sizedby Zen Gardner

Did someone offend someone? OMG, it’s a felony! Did someone have a protest to some posting or video? Shut the fucker down!! That’s right. Anyone can be a little hired Stasi piece of shit minion for the police state now and bring about the State’s desired results. Especially if you’re a little shithead hired to do so in a depressed economy and willing to back some sick power crazed pack of controlling minions because you’re a sack of crap.

Just like a scum sucking drone operator with his Starbucks coffee at his side outside Las Vegas with a lip-smacking license to kill anything he thinks might need to be splattered and annihilated. Or some fascist Zionist internet pimp looking to purge the world of any contrary conversation on the net while his ilk is aggressively exercising rape, apartheid and the supremacist elimination of “lesser beings” by decrees no one is allowed to point out or challenge.

Yes I’m pissed off. Why aren’t you? You’d better be, or you’re not fucking awake.

My dear friend Snordelhans was “eliminated” from the YouTube realm yesterday. He’s not just gifted, he’s a treasure trove of artistic, passionate, loving and caring conscious awareness that can and will continue to help make this piece of s-crap metal matrix dominated world into the loving, caring and compassionate world of Truth it’s supposed to be.

Instead? These fascist fuckers shut down another one of the very sources of love, answers and solutions that needs to be expressed and absorbed by humanity. Am I surprised? Not at all. Did we see this coming? Of course. We’re on to these bastards and it’s all just falling in line as we expected….before they burn themselves out—the stinking, self serving non empathetic shitheads that they are.

Ours is to wake up and dump their fucked up influence by living the Truth with authority. And I mean authority!….

OK. I’m Swearing a Lot….So What?

If if bugs you, bug off. This is an issue of the heart. Just look at this crappy, easily swayed and maneuvered social media stuff. Damn, it’s taking people’s lives over. And you think they, the controlling jerkwads, don’t know what they’re part of? And that the NSA type bastards aren’t monitoring and directing it as such by the minutest detail?

You’re one dumb block of wood if you don’t see it, no offense to the wood. It’s seriously serious. You’re being coined, blocked, falsely centered, digested, marked, analyzed and categorized in more ways than you can frikking imagine.

But Do You Care?

That’s the impetus that keeps things real. The heart is the key. If you don’t focus and make each day count and your thoughts and intentions something to reckon with you’re not doing your full part. And I’m not gonna explain that to you, find out for yourself what that means.

Will people recognize what’s going on with this police state? Will you talk to someone today and say what you really think? Will you sound off? That’s pretty much the question, cuz the big overall questions don’t hit home with most. Sad as it appears the general population seems to be quite asleep, or should I say hypnotized.

But are they fully? Did you, or I, do what we could have done today to try to help? Huh? That’s pretty much it. I was gonna talk more about the bullshit in social media and how obviously controlled it is, but let’s let that speak for itself.

To Self Censor or Believe the Lies is the Same Damn Thing

The “normals” are not normal by any stretch of the imagination.

Intimidated dweebs, amorphous globs of indiscriminate fear worms grovelling for food and power fall for all of this. So very sad, the survival mode humanity has been reduced to. I guess that’s why the zombie paradigm has so much traction.

But that’s not us, not true humanity. They continue to try to dumb us down and fuck with our DNA and electromagnetic make-up but our essential nature is above and beyond all that. And they know that. So they keep pounding. But to no avail. They can’t prevail. It’s a lie.

Stand Strong

Love you all. We’re in good conscious hands…the MEGA collective OURS with TREMENDOUS resources… We are connected…and empowered! Find the source if you haven’t yet. Never doubt that!

Love forever, Zen