Alex Jones Snubs Free Energy

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News 

What’s up with Alex Jones and the Infowars team?

I’ve been hounding them for years with periodic emails trying to get them to pay attention to the world of free energy technologies emerging, but so far they have ignored me, and anyone else who tries to bring this to their attention.

For those of you who might not be regulars to our news, by “free energy” I refer to energy that is available free for the taking — ubiquitous and inexhaustible from the wheelwork of nature. The devices themselves are not free, but many of the breakthroughs now emerging look like they will be cheaper than grid power, with the advantage of creating independence from the grid, while being clean and environmentally responsible. See our list ofTop 5 Free Energy Technologies Emerging.

These devices should be of keen interest to Alex and his crew for the following reasons that I’ve brought to their attention many times by email, but which so far they have been ignoring.

  • The emergence of free energy technology into the marketplace can mitigate the economic collapse by creating hope and jobs — a cushion to soften the fall. One of Infowars’ regular, and highly respected guests, Gerald Celente, of The Trends Research Institute — on their show — when asked by Alex what could keep the world from falling into total economic collapse, replied that the creation of a productive capacity would do it, and that he sees this materializing in the form of the emergence of a major energy breakthrough — not something incremental like solar or wind, but something that would make distributed energy cheaper than grid power. (Story |Story)
  • Free energy technologies foster independence from the grid and the powers that be. It’s truly “power to the people” in a literal sense, empowering people to not be slaves to the system because they are no longer dependent on the system.
  • The hope that free energy technologies provide gives us a major antidote to the fear that the conspirators are trying to instill in society in their take-over.
  • Free energy technologies provide a way to survive when things fall apart, even providing a level of comfort during what otherwise could be very disturbing and uncomfortable times. The more people and communities that have free energy devices installed, the more robust they will be.
  • Free energy technologies provide a way to rebuild after the collapse. They will be a major component of the phoenix that rises from the ashes — the metamorphosis of society into something enlightened, rather than oppressed.

The conspiratorial powers that be, who are collapsing civilization by design, to turn us all into slaves, have everything to loose with the emergence of free energy technologies. Free energy completely disempowers them, and empowers the people. It is anathema to the New World Order.

Supporting the emergence of free energy is one of the most effective and peaceful ways to revolt against the New World Order.

So why wouldn’t Alex Jones and his crew get that, and help promote the fledgling rise of these breakthrough technologies that are even now beginning to poke their heads into the marketplace, no thanks to Infowars ignoring them?

What’s their hang up?

I urge all of you to bang on their doors, crash their servers with emails, sending them messages to get with it already. The time for them to become advocates of these things and to help birdog the best technologies and assist their emergence into the market is long overdue.

As it is, they are playing into the hands of the conspiracy by ignoring these things, and therefore marginalizing them by default.

Here is a video posted from their show yesterday in which Alex asks his guest, Fritz Springmeier, what the solutions are to the accelerating rise of the New World Order, and Fritz talks about having been invited to speak at a function in Oregon to speak and being shown some technologies that they have.

Yet after Fritz’ comment, Alex completely sidesteps what Fritz said and changed to subject to things Alex is good at talking about. He utterly missed the point — not just in this instance but in every instance I’ve seen in the past few years that I’ve been watching his programming, which is mostly excellent, otherwise. The exchange begins at 12:00 minutes, where Alex asks the question.

One of the things that is troubling to me about Alex’ question is his statement: “Some people think you can’t defeat the New World Order. But it’s not even our job to defeat it. It’s our job to stand up against evil and help others. Because we don’t fear those that kill the body but those who kill the soul.” At least he ends with: “I don’t think the globalists are invincible.”

As I’ve been watching and analyzing Alex for many months, wondering why he doesn’t cover free energy, it’s almost as if he doesn’t want to give people physical solutions, only make us afraid of the problem, to feel defeated, like we can’t win, but we must try anyway.

Alex, there are solutions. Why do you continue to blatantly ignore them?

Here is what Fritz just said to you, which you completely ignored:

Yes, there is hope.

I was asked to be the main speaker down in Ashland recently, and I met a group of young people who are dynamically creating alternative technologies to give us back our freedom and make us self-reliant — perpetual motion machines [bad choice of words] and stuff like this. They’ve really done a lot of incredible stuff.

There is a lot of technology out there that could solve the problems that we have.

So I would just encourage people not to lose hope, but to turn their focus away from the controlled corporations who are only giving us technology in a controlled fashion, and look to people like this young community down there in Ashland that has viable solutions. There are solutions out there.

Alex, you then jump in, as if you haven’t heard a word Fritz just said:

That’s what I was about to say. We’ve got to stop using the big megabanks. We need to start using local banks…

And you went on, totally (and purposely) missing the point.

To Alex:




Those who follow my news service know that I don’t do all caps like this. This is like the first time I’ve ever done that in the near decade I’ve been covering the free energy field.

Needless to say, I’m very disappointed at how long you guys are holding out and ignoring this crucial topic.

You should be giving it AT LEAST as much air time as you do alternative health solutions.

You should be mentioning it in every program, every day. It’s huge, and you are completely missing it.

You’re excellent at pointing out problems but awful at pointing to solutions — which is part of the problem! With solutions, the problems are resolved. Without solutions, all you have is fear. Is that what you guys are here for, fear mongering? That plays into the enemies hands, and you know it.

I think if you ignore me this time, I’m going to stop listening to your program. I’ll be too disgusted.

– – – –

While composing this story, I did a pre-record of my “This Week In Free Energy” show with James Arthur Jancik of Feet to the Fire. In it, I did a feisty rant against Alex Jones along the lines above. I’ve never been so animated or worked up before on that show. It felt good to get that off my chest.

Here’s the recording:

Postscript: Alex, Stop Snubbing Free Energy

February 5, 2012; 7:30 am MST

It’s now the day after I wrote the above rant about and to Alex Jones.

There are a few things I’d like to say by way of follow-up.


Alex and crew, if your reason for not covering exotic free energy is because it appears bogus or half-baked to you, and you’re waiting for it to be more solid (I must commend you on your journalistic integrity that seeks for documentation); then let me draw an analogy for you.

Remember the U.S. Revolutionary War, for therein lies a good analogy.

Washington’s band of part-time/volunteer soldiers, compared to the British’ well-trained Red Coats, were a sorry ragtag bunch, causing General Washington to often wonder how they could ever prevail; and it showed that a divine power and destiny backed them, for without that, they would have been doomed. Not only were his soldiers novices, but they were fewer in number (and fluctuated dramatically), barely equipped even with shoes and clothing, let alone munitions; against Britain’s vastly superior weapons and numbers, who also enjoyed support from a strong majority of the colonists.

This is also the case with the ill-funded, part-time, garage-tinkerer scientists who are advancing free energy solutions. They are hardly a comparison to the entrenched oil and gas and conventional renewable players, with all their high-tech, ultra-funded, scientific-establishment-backed, politician-backed, mainstream-media-backed infrastructure. Yet in reality, the exotic free energy technologies will usurp the establishment technologies because they are superior in principle, notwithstanding not being mature yet.

No matter how well you dress a tyrant, he is still a tyrant, and the sentiments of freedom and rectitude that course in the veins of the ragtag patriot are what give him the moral superiority to eventually prevail, despite the odds against him.

So it is with the ragtag free energy inventors. Clean, renewable, affordable, reliable, portable power solutions will prevail over polluting, expensive, non-renewable, grid-dependent infrastructure of today.

Free Energy gives us a chance to make another DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. (I should do an entire article to embellish that point.)  Free Energy technology has the inherent propensity of granting independence from the powers that be — literally — everywhere around the world.  Free Energy disempowers the powers-that-be by rendering them obsolete and unnecessary. Free Energy is going to win, notwithstanding its present ragtag appearance. God, goodness, and destiny are on its side; and the timing is right.

Dittos Everywhere

As I look over the comments below, and by email, several things jump out.

First, this is one of the most re-tweeted stories we’ve ever done. There are a lot of patriot friends and fans who share my frustration at Alex Jones’ silence on the issue of free energy — no, not just silence, “snubbing” is the shared sentiment. He doesn’t just ignore it, he snubs it nearly every time it’s brought up by one of his guests. It comes across as not just ignorance but strategical diversion and silencing — “censorship” to use a word most repugnant to Alex.

Alex comes across as not being about solutions but promoting fear mongering only — whipping people up into a state of frenzied anger against he tyrants. Yes, anger is one of the first natural reactions that people have when they wake up. That’s why his show is so popular and growing in numbers. He’s all about that anger, and playing on that anger, which people feel when they first wake up — and the blatantness of recent developments is waking a lot of people up, hence there are many who resonate with Alex’ anger.

Perhaps he has a role to play there, but I am a believer in solutions, not just waking up. Once people wake up, they need to be given solutions so we can fix what’s wrong. I’ve been “awake” to the conspiracy longer than Alex has. I graduated from that anger to a place of resolve, years ago.

In Alex’ defense against people who jump to the conclusion that he is actually a disinformation agent, strategically using the truth to stir up anger and fear, while cloaking true solutions, I should point them to an example that shows otherwise, in part three of the above Fritz Springmeier interview. You can’t watch this and say that he willfully and exclusively promotes only fear, not solutions. Start at about 6:00 minutes in.

The Ball is in Your Court, Alex

I am confident, based on the number of responses by people who have inroads to Alex, that he has been or will be alerted to my rant here.

He has been put on notice about the solutions that exotic free energy technologies have to offer. Ignorance can no longer be ascribed as an excuse for his snubbing.

Keep the heat on, until he finally wakes up and realizes what a mistake he has been making by ignoring free energy, and begins to remedy that by giving it the coverage it deserves — or (hopefully not) until he exposes himself as being a disinformation agent by willfully continuing to ignore and snub free energy from his coverage — in which case I hope he sees a huge boycott and loss of audience and even employees leaving in protest.

Texas Dream

I had a dream last night in which I was at the opening of a building in Texas, and participated in a dedicatory song that was of the ilk of one those who are enlightened sing, with great lyrics and a feeling of oneness with everyone. I was one of the celebrated guests at the event.

As I began waking up and pondering on the dream, with the dream changing from passive to active, the location transformed into a University, and our reason for being there transformed into there being a free energy device being launched from Texas. It wasn’t until I was fully awake that Alex came to mind, along with the sentiment of, “I told you so, Alex;” and I came in here to my office to write all this.

We Need You Now

Alex, free energy is coming forward. How long are you going to wait before you get involved in encouraging your listeners to support it? Are you going to be a pioneer (a bit too late for that, by the way), or are you going to be one who has egg on his face because you waited too long, until it was so blatantly obvious that only a fool would say it is not real? Or worse yet, are you going to be exposed as an operative, and serve time in jail for knowingly opposing these things?

We need to you to wake up now, not later, as a Johnny come lately, when assistance is moot because the world has already awaken to it and embraced it.

To use a childbirth analogy, the baby is coming out. There is no doubt now that the mother was pregnant.

Several Free Energy technologies are in process of emerging into the marketplace now.

# # #

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