Alex Jones spotted on stream with trans porn on his phone..

Alex Jones accidentally revealing his open tabs during a live demonstration of how to use the infowars website.

Among the open pages on his iPhone was one that appeared to show a pornographic video titled “Naughty Tbabe Mistress,” which features Australian transgender adult model Marissa Minx.

Alex Jones took a moment on his show this week to address the images of trans porn that were spotted on his phone during a live broadcast of InfoWars.

“I saw a couple of news articles about that, it’s ridiculous. I was like looking up some reporter we’re trying to hire today and punched in some number and porn popped up on my phone. Everybody has had porn pop-up on their phone hundreds of times,” Jones explained to a caller on Tuesday.

“I probably had porn menus pop up 500 times on my phone,” he added. “There’s two types of people: People who look at porn and people who lie about it. But I wasn’t looking at porn on my phone. I don’t take phones on air that I look at porn on.”