Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan (Gun Control Debate)

ajpiersAlex Jones appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight last night to deliver a clear message: “You are not going to take our guns.” While Piers attempted to ask leading questions peppered with isolated gun statistics to paint a false picture of reality in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting, Alex educated Piers on the real reason America has a Second Amendment and why it is necessary to preserve it.

Globalism is trying to overthrow our Republic and take over the world. After stating his position on the banning American citizens from owning semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, Piers Morgan began his interview with Alex Jones on CNN last night by asking, “Why do you want to deport me?”

Alex’s answer? “We did it to point out this is globalism.” The reason our forefathers penned the Second Amendment was to keep the power in the hands of the people and stave off a tyrannical government. America is one of the last bastions of freedom when it comes to private firearm ownership.

Now China is openly calling for us to be disarmed. This is the same country where the communist party killed nearly 77 million people between 1949 and 1987. Why so many? It was easy. They were disarmed. Indeed, the Obama Administration has now been joined by talking heads from China, Russia, Australia, and, of course, Britain in this massive attack on our Second Amendment.

A Washington Times article from August 24, 2012, discussed, “The Obama Administration Plan to Disarm America” in relation to our president setting the U.S. “on a course for unilateral disarmament” of our nuclear weapons as well. Disarming America is all part of a bigger plan.

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