​Assange lawyers demand end to arrest warrant, release of evidence


Julian Assange’s lawyers are demanding Swedish prosecutors reveal texts from the girl within the ‘rape’ scandal, at present hanging over the WikiLeaks founder. Changes within the legislation permit this and the protection workforce is interesting to cancel the arrest warrant.

“There is now a law which says that prosecutors in Sweden must give an account of the material they are using to build their case, and we have not seen that material yet,” Thomas Olsson and Per E. Samuelson, Assange’s lawyers, instructed Sveriges Radio, as cited by The Local.

Legislation from June 1 says {that a} suspect has the proper to be made conscious of “all the circumstances that have influenced a court’s decision,” mentioned Bengt Ivarsson, president of the Swedish Bar Association.

Olsson and Samuelson imagine that it may assist them acquire entry to textual content messages that had been despatched by the women who had been allegedly raped by the WikiLeaks founder.

“The messages strongly suggest that there is no basis for the arrest and they are thus vital, so that he [Assange] can effectively tackle the arrest warrant,” the protection lawyers wrote in an official request on Tuesday.

According to Olsson, the arrest warrant needs to be rescinded because it can’t be enforced whereas Assange is within the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and Sweden received’t take into account the likelihood of questioning the WikiLeaks founder within the UK’s capital.

“In light of the significant impact this has on Assange’s ability to move freely and to live a normal life, we think that it is unreasonable to uphold the decision,” he instructed Reuters. “As I see it, the arguments for the unreasonableness of the situation are very strong, so we have very strong hopes that the court will change the decision.”

Samuelson believes that “the new law gives [the defendants] more power.” “In 2011, we were allowed to read them and memorize them, but we do not have the full messages,” he added.

Assange has been trapped on the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, the place he obtained political asylum in 2012, after Swedish authorities issued a warrant for his extradition. He is needed in Sweden for questioning over allegations of the rape and sexual assault of two girls. Assange has vehemently denied all the costs.

According to the WikiLeaks frontman, the accusations are politically motivated and Sweden will hand him over to the US if he’s extradited. Assange wrote in his affidavit that one of the ladies didn’t intend to press prices in opposition to him.

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