Alex Jones: A Professional Actor?

Most of you know about Alex Jones and his crazy ‘rants’.. Well I came across this video on his YouTube channel called Black Slag.. I mean this video shows how fake Alex Jones really is..

What can I say about that video? Well you can easily tell that Alex Jones has this extreme hate for the globalists. But he has been saying the same crap forever; Instead of actually doing something about it! We are actually trying to spread the truth, that’s why we provide our own research into different topics.. But Alex Jones will read stories right from the mainstream media and claim that it’s good news but then other times he will claim that the mainstream media is filled with propaganda.. So what is it Alex Jones? Even Bill Cooper himself has exposed Alex Jones for the fear he puts in his viewers.. FYI: I’m not trying to bash him but just trying to expose his crazy methods of fear mongering…

Read our post about the massive disinformation that comes from his websites..You will be surprised! Alex Jones claims he was the first to predict the 9/11 attacks but really it was Bill Cooper, I don’t know who he’s trying to fool.. But Alex recently put out a video saying since he’s “trendy and cool” that he takes back everything he said about 9/11.. So what his opinion now? Don’t believe this crap, I’ll post the video below of Alex discrediting his own website..? I just don’t understand where he is going with his websites and his movies.. I think he is only doing it for profit only.. I’m doing it because I’m tired of people being brainwashed and I want everyone to be informed of the real issues of our society!

If you like Alex Jones, I’m sorry for this commentary.. If you don’t want to learn the opinion of others, please turn away now because there is a lot more information about your friend Alex Jones..

I don’t know what to think after watching those videos… So has he changed his mind? He thinks he’s “trendy and cool” Oh please.. I think he is using some type of PSYOPS against this ‘listeners’.. BTW: Alex Jones didn’t ‘predict’ the 9/11 Attacks.. Bill Cooper Did.. Watch This Video! Now here are two responses about the ‘black slag’ video..Some people just don’t believe in Alex Jones.. Which is good news! Below are a couple great videos of people’s opinions on Alex Jones the fear-profiteer.. 

Wow: Some of those comments on Alex’s video are just insane! Some people are completely brainwashed.. In this post I only included a couple videos and links who prove that Alex Jones is a complete con-artist! I just don’t know what to believe anymore; I can only tell you that I don’t listen to Alex Jones.. I really liked Bill Cooper because he actually did research into his radio show topics. Alex Jones always cuts everyone off when someone is trying to make a valid point. He only wants to talk about what he wants, and he leaves a lot of information out.. His goal is only to provide fear in the citizens and for you to buy his merchandise! Trust me something is not right with this guy.. I’m writing this article for documentation purposes only.. Alex if your reading this right now, don’t take any offense to this post but take it as a ‘awakening’ because people are starting to catch on to your mainstream media methods which only provide fear and anxiety among weak-minded citizens.. The ‘truth movement’ is no longer the same..

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