Armed police and media blackout of NHS protest shows desperation of ConDem regime

The NHS protest in London yesterday was ‘greeted’ with heavy kettling tactics and armed police.

The ConDem regime are terrified of any form of lawful protest and the heavy-handed tactics of the ‘police’, proves this corrupt regime will resort to any desperate measure to enforce its will.

Coupled with a total media blackout, we are witnessing a dangerous new dawn of ‘relations’ between the public and the State.

The media blackout was highly likely the result of a Government DA-Notice to prevent the wider public learning of the NHS protest and more importantly the terror tactics used by the police.

Still think you live in a ‘liberal’ democracy? Yesterday should prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Britain has descended into the arms of a Police State with total control of the puppet media.

A campaign was started on Twitter and Facebook to disseminate real news of the protest, otherwise the wider public would not have known what had happened in ‘their name’ in London.

Tweeps seemed particularly surprised that the Guardian newspaper was part of the news blackout but DA-Notice applies across the board. News Alliance challenged the Guardian to confirm or deny if the newspaper was subjected to a DA-Notice on the NHS protest? Their reply was a continuation of the blackout…

Saving the NHS is not the business of the tame media that has sided with the State against the public. The fate of the NHS is now entirely in the hands of the public and the State and puppet media are allied against us.

What is needed now is a General Strike and mass civil disobedience to save the NHS. The majority of people did not vote for the ConDem regime and a program to destroy the NHS.

We must show the State and their servile media that we will not be intimidated by police terror tactics and media censorship to suffocate the truth from seeping out to give people ideas they should not be thinking.

Britain is absolutely no different today than the corrupt East German regime and its socially invasive STASI.

Restoring democracy and saving the NHS will require determination, self-sacrifice and courage but the alternative is too terrible to contemplate.

We either fight and beat this vile regime now or sink ever deeper into a Soviet-style system that terrorises the population with growing impunity.

For the NHS and democracy, it is time to organise for lawful rebellion in the public interest.