Assassination Of Obama And NATO Officials Planned For Chicago?

As documented in the free of charge e-book entitled The Bio-Terror Bible (Link see below), the 2012 Chicago NATO Summit is ripe for bio-terror. While Chicago is blinking red on each and every degree of false-flag terror, what Rahm Emanuel, the son of an Israeli terrorist, has planned for the city of Chicago and the U.S. as a entire is still a mystery at this point. As journalists from close to the world speculate as to what may well transpire on May possibly 20-21, 2012, an assassination event to set off another war or a domestic crack-down is extremely achievable if not plausible.

Since the establishment has primarily lost the component of surprise in respect to false-flag terrorism, they will probably pull off a most surprising and horrendous act of terror which will have world-wide repercussions. An assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama and one or a lot more of NATO’s globe leaders would do just that and would ultimately demonize American protesters in the process. In the aftermath of an assassination event, martial law would most likely be instituted and the simmering race-war will most likely go into full effect.

As previously exposed on’s sister internet site entitled, the assassination or attempted assassination of Obama by the Israeli Mossad has been planned and speculated for some time. Whether folks like Obama or not, an Obama assassination should be stopped at all fees. The murder of Obama would divide America in between black and white, Democrat and Republican, and would inevitably cause riots, looting, violence, bloodshed, and chaos across America. It is still unclear regardless of whether the U.S. government will attempt to resurrect Obama politically in the aftermath of an assassination occasion or assassinate Obama for actual, declare martial law, and suspend the U.S. Constitution.

The Bio-Terror Bible