The Assassination Of Pat Tillman


After the shooting, the Rangers destroyed evidence that would be considered critical in any criminal case, the records show. They burned Corporal Tillman’s uniform and his body armor. Months later, the Rangers involved said they did not intend to destroy evidence. “It was a hygiene issue,”


He was shot in the forehead, THREE TIMES, and the “official” story, which changes faster than the wind, is that he was shot with an M-16.


On fully automatic, from just about any distance, almost anyone with an M-16 can hit a solid target three times in a close proximity. But the FIRST bullet out of an M-16 into Tillman’s head wouldn’t have left anything else for the other two bullets to hit.

Three different people firing ANY type of weapon would not have been able to make such a pattern in his FOREHEAD, so the three bullets had to have been fired from ONE weapon, by ONE person. I have no idea what type of weapon in a war zone, other than a pistol OR a sniper’s rifle, could have made such a pattern.

It was not his fellow troops who executed him. IT WAS AN ASSASSIN WHO HAD SUCH CLOSE TIES TO THE WHITE HOUSE OR THE RUMSFELD WOLFOWITZ DoD that they managed to “cover up” DOZENS of signs of his ASSASSINATION, for YEARS now, to the point that MANY GENERALS are LYING, too, and refusing to APPEAR BEFORE, Congress?

The recent World Net Daily piece firstly fails to address clear indications that Tillman was murdered, as unveiled by Army medical doctors; that Tillman was triple-tapped to the head from just ten yards and that the bullet holes were very close together. Medical examiners were very suspicious and suspected murder, but were blocked from investigating the angle by higher-ups.

The report also stated that no evidence of enemy fire was found at the scene, calling the explanation of friendly-fire into question.

The Associated Press story also revealed that “Army attorneys sent each other congratulatory emails for keeping criminal investigators at bay as the Army conducted an internal friendly-fire investigation that resulted in administrative, or non-criminal, punishments.”

Anyone who considers the new evidence, along with the obvious motivation for killing Tillman – the fact that he was about to return home and become an anti-war icon, and rules out the obvious explanation of murder is in a severe state of denial.

WND scoffs at the notion that Wesley Clark, during an appearance on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann recently, entertained the notion that Tillman could have been murdered and that a high level cover-up may have been at work.

Anyone who watches the video and reads the transcript can readily ascertain that the context of Olbermann and Clark’s conversation is clearly whether or not Pat Tillman was murdered and if that was covered up.

“Does it not begin to look more and more like that, that we were going the wrong direction in this, that they were not trying to protect something, something slightly negative from coming out, but in fact coming- protecting the accusation that his mother has made and has not gotten a lot of attention to that, that perhaps he was indeed murdered?” Olbermann asks Clark.

“It’s very possible,” responds Clark.

Last year, we caught World Net Daily inventing evidence to smear 9/11 truth when they claimed that Professor Steven Jones had called “for the violent overthrow of the government” at a conference in LA.