Aurora Psyop – Actress Chloe Anderson

I came across this YouTube video today and since we are also testing our new video platform on the website, I will post it today as a test. So If you see any interesting news/videos on YouTube we should all start to download them for future commentary. This provides evidence of the lies from the Mainstream Media. Here is an video that shows an actor that is involved with the Aurora shooting. Actor or not? The Sandy Hook shooting has gotten more clever at faking the evidence and the victims/actors. But we know that the CIA is involved with Psy-Ops within the USA to disarm Americans.(Bill Cooper Book Quote) But Here is the video:

[jwplayer mediaid=”43406″]

Entertainment Advent Film Group, Credo Magazine X Productions, Epicenter Pictures, Shakespeare Lawn, Summer Stock Theater. It says she has a relative by name of Petra Anderson. However, if you search Google images, under both Chloe and Petra you’ll find lots of Petra but none of Chloe, you’d think there would be a lot of Chloe as she’s in the entertainment business. I find that very odd! This adds only more questions..