Argentina approved the forced vaccination of its population

This week, the government published the new Compulsive Vaccination Law. Argentines who have not applied all the vaccines of the official calendar for children and adults, will no longer be able to process or renew their ID card, passport, prenuptial certificate or driver’s license, or access social plans; and ultimately, they may be compulsively vaccinated.

Law 27,491, which establishes compulsory vaccination for all the inhabitants of our country, has already been published in the Official Gazette. The author of the initiative that was approved without debate and unanimously, was the deputy Pablo Yedlin, who estimates that Nation will have to invest U.S. $ 400 million for the application of the norm, which will be imputed to the items of the general budget of the administration of the Ministry of Social Development, guarantor of the acquisition of the required inputs for mass vaccination. These actions will be carried out in educational establishments, where it will be understood that mediates “tacit authorization” by parents.

During 2018 there was a significant shortage of MMR vaccines, triple viral and bacterial, which prevented many children from completing their school calendar, a fact that coincided with a 46.4% sub-execution of the health budget in the second quarter of 2018 (last registered). But the State does not shrink, and with this new law it forces to vaccinate all the inhabitants of our country, during all the life, and declares its vaccination of national interest.

The complete vaccination will be requested for the entry and exit of the school year, the completion of medical examinations of health, processing or renewal of ID, passport, residence, prenuptial certificate and driver’s license, processing of family allowances and non-retributive monetary assignments.

What vaccines does the calendar include?

It is impossible to know. The website of the Ministry of Health provides a list, and for better information offers to download a PDF, which has a different list. While in the section ” Vaccination for adults ” states that the Influenza vaccine must be applied annually, every 10 years the Double Bacterial, the Triple Viral and the Hepatitis B, when downloading the PDF of the National Vaccination Calendar, this indicates that adults should apply Double Bacterial, Double (or Triple) Viral and Argentina Hemorrhagic Fever.

And what happens if you do not get vaccinated?

The letter of the law is clear:

Art. 14.- Failure to comply with the obligations set forth in articles 7, 8, 10 and 13 of this law will generate actions of the corresponding jurisdictional sanitary authority, aimed at effecting the vaccination, which will go from notification to vaccination compulsive

How do you know if you did not get vaccinated?

In order to ensure that there is no lack of personnel to carry out compulsory national vaccination ( lease: vaccination by force ), the National Registry of Eventual Vaccination is created, an extraordinary mechanism designed to provide a timely and quality response to mass vaccinations. These applications are recorded in the CUV, Unified Vaccination Card, an instrument that integrates the ” National Registry of the Digital Vaccinated Population “, which will allow the government to have access to the vaccination status of each of the inhabitants of all jurisdictions and subsystems. of health of the Argentine Republic.

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