America Revealed: Stunning Satellite Photos As Never Seen Before

Incredible new satellite photos show America as you have never seen it before! These stunning images reveal what the country looks like from the skies.

You can clearly see how the nation’s transport and communication infrastructures work to power the vast nation on a daily basis.

America Revealed has successfully combined aerial footage and real-time satellite data so you can see much more than only flight patterns across the United States or the electricity grid.

America Revealed goes a step further including things like the New York City morning commute, Domino’s Pizza truck routes and the transport of dead bodies cross country.

If you missed the show that started earlier this year you can visit the website and all watch all full episodes which are already available online.

The idea for “America Revealed,” stemming from the BBC’s “Britain From Above,” is a show that offers a “new perspective on the hidden patterns and rhythms of American life, by looking through the eyes of individuals who all play a part in keeping America fed, moving, powered and making goods.”

Richard Kingsbury, PBS UK’s general manager, said: ‘This fantastic mini-series uses the latest technology to produce spectacular visuals of the way America works.

From the migration of salmon to the journeys of pizza deliveries, the series is packed with new ways of looking at a familiar country that will fascinate audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Nick Catliff, executive producer, added: “In this show we’ve taken the aerial photography, CGI and data visualisation techniques that we developed for the BBC’s ‘Britain from Above’ to a whole new level.

I think the result is a series that explores and explains the vast systems that keep America running and does so on an epic scale.”

In this video, you can track a pizza delivery man on a Friday night in New York City.

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