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It’s getting freaky: ‘AURORA’ seen in Skyfall preview before Batman

The image above is taken from the most recent SKYFAL movie trailer at the 40 seconds mark. Also catch the trigger phrase Skyfall during the word association = mkultra, manchurian candidate plotline.

And in connection with the coming Olympics:

James Bond 007 kicks the show off, a short film has been shot in Buckingham Palace featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond, it is called “The Arrival”, and it ends with him being parachuted into the arena.

James is the English for Jacob, the biblical Jacob was the father of all Israel, and so the whole ritual kicks off with the symbolic appearance of Israel.

In his communications with Queen Elizabeth John Dee used the sigil 007, Ian Fleming who created James Bond added the 007 in homage to John Dee, the opening ceremony of the Olympics starts with a short James Bond Film called “The Arrival”! Israel Arrives!

“L” is an inverted 7, and the Hebrews associated 7 with Saturn/Satan. It was the seventh planet at that time which could be seen with the naked eye.

The pronunciation of “L” is the same as “EL”, the shortened version of Elohim. So his name could also be read as Israel homes Elohim.

James reportedly had his hair dyed red, and told people he was the Joker. Red hair comes up 3 times in this blog!

Today the press have published a picture of James with red hair. The picture is from an account on the dating site Adult friend Finder, which is believed to be James Holmes account. The picture of him with red hair is at the top of the blog, James on the left, and James on the right look like two completely different people, is this the real James Holmes?