Julian Assange could be handed over to US, supporters claim

By Nick Collins
Telegraph News

Signatories including Prof Noam Chomsky, the academic, and film director Ken Loach said that once in Sweden Mr Assange could be handed over to America without the “appropriate legal processes that accompany normal extradition cases.”

The WikiLeaks founder was this month given permission by the Supreme Court to appeal against his extradition to Sweden where he could face rape and sexual assault charges.

But his supporters claim that sending him to Sweden would place him under “temporary surrender”, putting him at threat of a fast-track extradition to the US, where prosecutors are considering charging him over the release of confidential documents.

In the letter published in the Daily Telegraph 74 prominent supporters write: “The chances of Mr Assange receiving a fair trial in the United States appear remote.

“A number of prominent political figures have called for him to be assassinated, and Joe Biden, the Vice-President, has called him a ‘high-tech terrorist’. Given this atmosphere of hostility, we hold serious concerns about his safety once in American custody.”