Aliens Tell Humans How To Speed Up Evolution

By Diane Tessman

Science news tells us this morning about Intel’s newly developed mind scanner; simply put, this is software which can “read” what people are thinking. It is 90% accurate. No more military secrets, just put the Admiral into the mind scanning machine! No more secrets to be kept by any of us, for good or for evil. The Klingons and their mind sifter have nothing on Humans, 2012!

Something is out of whack regarding technology, we all sense this. It is moving too fast. It always has moved too fast in relation to our spiritual development, but now it is moving at an alarming rate. There seem to be three possibilities:

1) We have back-engineered captured alien craft.

2) Aliens have given advanced technology to elite human military and corporations. Maybe they gave it to these groups because they seemed to be our only leaders; our leaders might have promised to use this advanced technology for the good of the human race. Of course, our leaders can lie. Or maybe the aliens are just bad guys.

3) Computer knowledge is a Pandora’s Box and the fact is, once humans discovered the basics of present day computer technology, huge strides can be made in a very short time. Doors simply opened through human ingenuity.

While I’m on the subject of computers, I want to mention that there are websites which support the idea that the Singularity might be a good thing for humanity; these websites seem intelligent and reasonable. I questioned myself to see if I am being reactionary and closed minded regarding the Singularity. One website mentions Dr. Maria Montesorri who was ostracized in her day for her innovative approach to education but today is considered a visionary and innovator in intelligent, enlightened education methods. Perhaps the Singularity offers a similar stride forward in enlightenment.