A tribune is an unofficial defender of individual rights

A tribune is an unofficial defender of individual rights. A person who defends people from the government. In Roman times, tribunes were elected by the citizens to protect them from the patricians, the rich. Today, tribunes are volunteers.

Today’s patricians are mainly the bankers. Banking is the cause of all misery. The international bankers are the most notorious but the local banker in town is just as wicked and just as much an accessory to fraud as the head of BofA. The reason is that he lends credit into existence based on nothing in the vault. But we have to repay the bank in cash plus interest. This is government-licensed fraud and was illegal until 1913. Bank fraud was legalized in 1913 with the tricky passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

In 1913 the patricians were licensed by the Congress to supply our money to us at a profit to themselves. This is a very difficult concept for people to understand because it makes no sense. The Congress granted a special license to some foreign businessmen to supply us our currency, which was soon to be called the Federal Reserve Note. “Federal Reserve” was a carefully contrived name for a private company which had somehow to sound official and trustworthy and full of money at the same time. But there was no actual money involved – just credit. Credit is a nice word for nothing.

Charles Lindbergh’s father, the congressman from Minnesota, was one of the few people who understood the racket and who spoke out vehemently against the racketeers at the time. After the criminals had maneuvered Congress to pass the Aldrich (Federal Reserve) bill, he wrote:

“The only excuse for government is the facility it affords the citizen for securing advantages that operate for the common welfare, which could not be obtained… through individual action. In no case has government so signally neglected its function, as in its failure to issue money and control the charges made for its use… Banks and individuals have been permitted to set up a system for financial action which is supported by credits and the products of the people’s industries. Through its use they are enabled to collect exorbitant dividends, interest and profits on what they do not produce.”

In other words – supplying our currency to us and charging us for it. He could have used plainer language. Simply put, it must be illegal for any government to borrow money – there is no reason to do so, except to make criminals rich.

In 1918, J. Edgar Hoover led a federal nighttime raid on the Lindbergh home and ransacked the congressman’s office and burned his writings on the Federal Reserve. The printing plates of all his books including, Why Is Your Country At War?, and his latest, The House of Morgan, were ordered destroyed by Hoover’s boss, Wilson’s attorney general, Mitchell Palmer, who had also ordered the raid.

Hoover remarked later that he personally kicked the sixteen-year-old Lindbergh, Jr. in the stomach during the 1918 raid. The House of Morgan was never published. The sensational raid caused Minnesota voters to wonder why the feds would raid someone who wasn’t guilty of something. Lindbergh, Sr was never reelected again. That’s how dumb people were back then. They weren’t smart, like us.

Today, if you try to explain to someone how the Federal Reserve works, that person will not be able to understand you. When you get to the part about the Fed being a private business, you’ll lose him. That’s because it just doesn’t make sense and he gets brain freeze. Surely, such a scam could not be.

Only three powerful men in the modern era have understood the concept of debt-free currency issued by the government and put that concept into action. Lincoln’s 1862 US Note, Hitler’s 1933 Reichsmark and Kennedy’s 1963 US Note.

All three men died from gunshots to the head, one of them to avoid being captured by the Communists and tortured and hanged by American Jews. Issuing debt-free currency is the most dangerous thing a leader can do, which indicates how vital it is to our well-being.

The solution to our devastating economic catastrophe is really quite simple and proven effective. It wasn’t proven by Lincoln, who used the currency to destroy America and it wasn’t proven by Kennedy, who only issued four billion dollars in US Notes seven months before he died. It was proven by Adolf Hitler and his German Economic Miracle, the most wonderful and suppressed national success story of all time.

As bad as our situation is, the German situation was worse. The Jews had wiped out the German treasury ten years earlier and their stooges in the Weimar regime hyperinflated the currency to nothingness, with the proverbial wheelbarrowfull of Rentenmarks needed for a loaf of bread. This was due to a Jewish scam called “reparation payments,” stemming from the master Jewish scam called the Versailles Treaty, based on the finding that Germany was responsible for World War I, based on the fact that Germany lost.

Reparation payments are the penalty for losing a war with the Jews. Paul Wolfowitz proposed the same Jewish penalty for Iraq but it didn’t work out quite so well as their German experience. The main German weakness is their tendency to adhere to agreements, illicit though they may be. Hitler himself complained of “that Goddamned German objectivity – always willing to see it from the enemy’s viewpoint.”

The Palestinians lost their Jewish war, and now have lost everything including their very identity. Same thing happened in Russia and the satellite countries. The Jews don’t quit until they’ve starved you to death.

Jewish demands for German stuff was insatiable. Germany’s mighty Ruhr Valley, where much of its industry lay, was invaded and occupied by the French army because Germany had failed to deliver a quarter million telephone poles to France by a certain date. More starvation.

Shortly after Hitler took over in ’33, he told the British and the French and the Americans that there would be no more reparation payments. Great gnashing of Jewish teeth but that was that – until the time was right for another war of aggression and annihilation against Germany. Such a war was being designed by the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan.

As I’ve written many times, Hitler issued debt-free scrip for building highways and some other vital industries and soon the Reichsmark itself was issued debt-free. This is such a powerful tool that the unemployment rate of 50% was quickly decreased to virtually zero and within eighteen months, the formerly starving unemployed workers were taking paid holiday cruise vacations and putting down payments on homes.

Debt-free currency must be the revolutionary goal of the resistance movement and our revolutionary war for independence. In our case, it will be a civil war because in a civil war the two (or more) sides are fighting for supremacy and for control of the government. This was not the case in 1861-5, since the Southerners wanted no part of the Washington government and sought no control of it. They only wanted out. But that can’t be for us since we’ve seen how Washington treats all independence movements everywhere in the world. Washington enforces the Federal Reserve’s monetary fraud and imposes it on the world. When Washington no longer exists as the Fed’s brutal enforcer and the Congress issues debt-free US Notes and the Federal Reserve members have been publicly hanged throughout the country, the rest of the world will follow suit.

Washington is the merciless enemy of independence. So Washington must be destroyed as the symbol of federalism, or central government. The fraudulent and deceptive Constitution must be repudiated and replaced with the Articles of Confederation and the decentralized and weak government it provided.

Every generation must wage such a war, not rest on the laurels of a former generation. It is the only way to keep the sadists under control. They can never be totally wiped out but must be constantly attacked and suppressed and driven underground to be hunted like rats.

Can we see how evil and greedy is the reality behind “austerity?” “Austerity” is banker code for “You must have less so that we can have more.” Even though we have milked you dry, you must continue to pay us interest on the fake credit we have provided you. Well, if a private banker can issue fake credit, based on nothing, a government can issue debt-free currency based on productivity and growth, just as Germany did. It is necessary for the government to have a basic knowledge of supply and demand and to issue currency as it is needed and for progress and growth, which of course the Nazi government did have.

Zimbabwe and the other African countries could not do such a thing due to the African nature, which is based on ignorance, superstition, tribalism and greed. Until further notice, Africans will continue to be subsidized in all matters by whites – it is just a fact of life. But most other governments of the world could easily solve their crushing economic problems by issuing debt-free currency and hanging the bankers, not necessarily in that order.

Here are three reasons why the bankers must be hanged: fractional reserves, mortgage fraud and foreclosure fraud. I won’t elaborate on the reasons for the reader may well know more about them than I do.

I will point out that several months ago, the controller for the City and County of San Francisco gave a press conference at which he said that mortgage and foreclosure fraud were involved in virtually 100% of all contracts that he and a team of independent auditors had investigated, throughout the county. He said that unfortunately for those who had already lost their homes to foreclosure there was nothing he could do to correct that. But anyone currently in foreclosure, he said carefully, should stay put and not leave. The reason is that titles can no longer be guaranteed and liens and ownership can no longer be proven. Fraud nullifies all contracts, no matter when they were written.

This is due to the enormous bank fraud known as “mortgage-backed securities.” The criminals at Goldman Sachs and other Jewish dens of iniquity “bundled” hundreds of thousands of mortgages at a time and then “sliced and diced” them, selling slices and dices to credulous “investors” in the Middle East and Asia. The Jews failed to record any of these changes of ownership with any courts and now, virtually no property, especially if it is registered as a MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems) property, can be verified or any title guaranteed. MERS represents itself as “the mortgagee of record” for the mortgage industry and is a public private partnership with the federal government and the Wall Street banksters, so the cancer has spread throughout the entire financial and governmental architecture. There is no solution other than starting over.

Starting over will require the overthrow of the government and hanging the criminals because the central government enforces the central bank fraudsters. The San Francisco controller said that as bad as that county is, it is no different in the rest of California nor in the whole country. Virtually no ownership can be proven in the vast majority of mortgages. And as we’ve seen, banks have been “foreclosing” on homeowners who owned their homes free and clear. Banker greed is not possible to exaggerate.

The following tells the story of a drastic mistake I made back in ’83, based on mortgage fraud. I was acting as a volunteer tribune, but didn’t realize it, since I was just helping a friend who was in foreclosure.

I told the guy – I’ll call him Pete – that a jury in Minnesota had found back in ‘68 that a farmer, Jerome Daly, was entitled to his property free and clear because the bank had not loaned him anything of value, but just “credit.” The jury and the judge agreed that the lending of credit was wrong if not illegal and based on fraud and said he owed the bank nothing.

So I helped Pete prepare a similar case of fraud and usury against his bank in Santa Cruz, California. The case went to trial and was thrown out by Judge Christopher Cottle. After several months of paperwork, the bank got an eviction. Pete called and asked if I would bring him an HK-91 rifle, which of course I did. And I was there when the SWAT team showed up. Pete’s place was in the big redwoods on Summit Drive above Santa Cruz. Pete had a hundred and forty thousand in equity and the bank had nothing, other than Judge Cottle and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department SWAT team.

One of the SWAT deputies, the team leader, testified later that they were authorized to kill all of us on the property. Pete was wearing his Purple Heart and Silver Star medals on his sports shirt as he lectured the cops on the law. A diversion was made at one end of the property and as Pete made his way to that gate, a couple of shooters with AR-15s jumped out of hiding and followed him, stopping only to aim their rifles at his back. I stepped off the porch and waved at them, as if to say “Go back! Go back!” For some reason, they did what I signaled. They went back to their hiding places.

Pete’s wife, who was a little out of touch with reality, said to me, “That was ridiculous! They were going to shoot Pete! Go up there and talk to them!”

I know what you’re thinking. But I did it – I went up the road to their hiding places and asked them not to shoot Pete. I said, let him have his day in court. They ordered me to get on my knees, shouting that I was under arrest. I said, “Guys, I’m not getting on my knees. I’m going back down to the house. Don’t shoot me.” And that’s what I did. I was wearing a sport coat, a white shirt and a tie and I probably looked like a cop, which made them hesitate, no doubt. Probably kept me alive.

I knew what Pete was capable of. He’d been severely wounded in Viet Nam but still managed to kill twelve VC who had him and his squad surrounded. He managed to save one other guy and himself.

Eventually, I got sacrificed. I had a bad feeling about the way it was going. After a few hours stand-off the press was allowed to come on the property. There were about a dozen from the papers, television and radio and the sheriff’s switchboard was jammed with calls supporting Pete. I told him that, since the phones and power and water were cut off, I’d better try to call some friends from the local store. Since the press was in there and the cops had withdrawn, I thought I might be able to do it. Pete said fine. I said I’d leave my dog there since they’d probably kill it if they arrested me. He said okay. I got about fifty yards down the road and cop cars surrounded me and I was arrested. Front page photo of me face down on the asphalt.

I was taken to the Santa Cruz jail and interrogated by a detective. Not Mirandized. Two days later, after Pete and everyone had escaped through the SWAT team perimeter, the detective angrily accused me of supplying the rifle and handgun to Pete. Since I had not been read my rights, I immediately confessed. This is what wrecked their case against me, and they had me going away for twenty years on conspiracy charges. The many felony charges against me were reduced to one misdemeanor with a little jail time.

Pete was eventually captured and got six years in San Quentin and did less than three. And that was only because he tried to represent himself in court. He came across like a horse’s ass and got punished for it. But that deputy did admit to him on the stand that the sheriff had authorized them to kill us all, even the women and children.

Anyway, mortgage fraud and I go back a long way. We just know a lot more about it now. And what to do about it. I don’t recommend gunfights at home but it’s getting to the stage that it could be unavoidable – and still work out all right.

For example, I could have been uphill, also with an HK-91, on the other side of Summit Road, when the SWATs got there. They were just marching up the road, single file, in the open with nowhere to hide, looking at Pete’s property. Between the two of us, all eight would have been down in about four seconds in our crossfire. It was kind of standard ambush procedure for us in Rhodesia. For Pete, it would also have been like old times.

Now, you might not want to try this at home, but then again, you might have to. It’s something to think about. Follow-up procedure is laid out in the last essay. In our case, we’d have headed for the courthouse and found a number of Kol Nidre-type judges with whom we’d become familiar, and then the sheriff’s office and the guy who’d just authorized the SWATs to kill us all.

I don’t like to get bogged down in defensive procedure but we’re going to have to follow it pretty soon or at some point. We have to let the police state traitors know that we are ready, willing and able to do this – at the drop of a hat.

“Tribunes” is a good word for what we need to be. I should have used it back in the 80’s, instead of “militia.” But I had to jam the militia up the government’s ass, which I definitely did. “Militia” had traditionally been seized on by corrupt judges to send gun owners to prison. “I don’t see how this sawed-off shotgun has anything to do with a ‘well-regulated militia.’ Ten years!”

Pete’s case and the submachine gun case were the reasons I started the militia a few years later. I’d dodged prison twice and wanted some help in overthrowing the government. Still do. The lone wolf thing didn’t work out for me. I’m not saying it can’t, but we need to start thinking big. We need to overthrow this stinking government, one big traitor or a hundred big traitors at a time. And their little helpers, too, no matter how many they send.

We don’t expect to live forever, which makes us a lot tougher than the dark side gangsters. They want to kill us but they don’t want to fight us. That little basic fact gives some of us a hell of an advantage. Some of us want nothing more than to fight.