Breitbart Autopsy Completed: Medical Examiner “Final Cause of Death Deferred”

By Lawrence Sinclair

Medical Examiner “Final Cause of Death Deferred”

At 7:11 PM Eastern Time Craig Harvey from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiners office returned our call seeking information on the Autopsy of Andrew Breitbart. According to Harvey:

“We have completed the autopsy examination, the final cause of death has been deferred. We have ordered additional toxicology and Microscopic test and we expect to have those completed and the cause of death determined in four to six weeks.”

According to sources who wish to remain anonymous who are in the Los Angeles area say preliminary results from the LA County Coroner indicate “massive heart attack.”

It should be noted that many media outlets chose to report Andrew’s death to be from “natural causes,” despite having nothing to base the reports on. We have taken a lot of flack over our report yesterday that Breitbart was NOTtreated at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center’s Emergency Room as was reported but was pronounced dead on arrival and the body held for the Los Angeles Coroners office to pick up. While it is true that Paramedics did attempt to revive Breitbart in route to UCLA Medical center the hospital doctors did not.  Reports that “Doctors at UCLA Medical Center ER attempted to revive Breitbart but where unsuccessful,” were false and we believed based on Andrew Breitbart’s own determination to report the TRUTH we were correct in reporting it. We are aware of the legal and business matters that Breitbart’s employees, business partners and family must deal with due to Andrews death. We do not believe that Andrew would approve of  the very people saying they are going to continue his mission, putting out untrue reports which have only created the very effect they claim they were trying to avoid.

Since our report yesterday Andrew Breitbart “Wait Til They See What Happens March 1st,” we see the comments that people are making wanting to believe that Andrew was the victim of murder or even make such outlandish claims that the Obama people somehow had Andrew killed. These comments are completely lacking in any reality and while we would hope that people would refrain from making these comments, Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak is partly responsible for publishing statements about the events surrounding Andrews death which we discovered to have been less than truthful. There would be no reason that we could think of for why anyone would claim UCLA ER Doctors attempted to revive Andrew when the Hospital did no such thing according to the Hospital and the Medical Examiners office.

The Los Angeles County Coroners office decision to have toxicology and microscopic test performed before stating a cause of death is the proper thing to do in this case. In the mean time we will continue to follow the case and bring you any information that we obtain which is news worthy.

All of us here at Sinclair-News and LS News Group send the Breitbart family our heart felt sympathy.