Bank Of America: No Guns Or Ammo Purchases With Credit Or Debit Cards

thWhen Barack Obama hands you Billions of dollars in bailout money, you better do as he says. Video of recorded call to Bank Of America telling customers that they will no longer allow the purchase of Firearms or Ammunition with Bank Of America Credit or Debit cards!!

If this doesn’t clearly reveal to you that perhaps there could be more to the story than just ‘protecting children’ and ‘public safety’, it’s willful choice to keep those eyes, ears, and mind closed.. Bank of America has decided that they are our lords telling us what we can and can not purchase!!!!

First it was Walmart and Dicks not selling ammunition, now it’s bank of America not allowing the purchase of Ammunition with Credit or Debt cards? America here is your chance to be heard loud and clear. There should be a ‘RUN On The “Bank Of America” TODAY! That is something that would be heard LOUD and CLEAR!!!

UPDATE: There are rumors on the net that the B of A video was a hoax, it has been removed from the net. Chances are Bank Of America had a bad day from supporters of the 2nd Amendment. So another American patriot went to walmart to try his own Bank Of America Credit Card. That Video is posted below.

Does this clearly demonstrates that Bank Of America Credit Cards have been blocked from purchasing ammo? Maybe your debit cards work, but Bank of America Credit Cards may have been Blocked?

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