Bank of America drills open customer safe deposit box and removes contents.

So, you think keeping your valuables and extra cash in a bank safe deposit box is safe? Well, think again. Bank of America drilled open a customer’s safe deposit box, removed the contents and shipped it to their corporate holding center across the country in South Carolina.

DANVILLE, CA (CBS 5) Carried the story and stated that many consumers often use store valuable possessions in safe deposit boxes assuming it’s secure, but a Danville, California couple found that’s not always the case.

CBS Channel 5 on San Francisco reported that Unsa Kamal and her husband Aizad received a letter from Bank of America informing them their box had been drilled opened and emptied.  The Kamals said they thought it was junk mail; however, after carefully reviewing the letter, the Kamals said the bank “in fact emptied their safe deposit due to lack of information.”

“They claim they didn’t have Social Security numbers, which is not true,” Aizad Kamal said. When they open the account that’s something very basic they ask for and they have that.”  [Read the full story on CBS 5.]

Foreclosure victim know just how invasive these banksters can be. Is it even a wonder that they would break into your safe deposit box when we know they trespass on your property and break into your home?