Bus EXPLODES in central Stockholm after ‘accident’

Plumes of thick black smoke have been spotted above central Stockholm as a bus exploded and went up in flames after reportedly slamming into an entrance to a tunnel.

The explosion occurred on Sunday morning at the Klarat tunnel, after the bus reportedly struck its top. Witnesses say the inferno started when a gas tank located on top of the bus exploded due to the impact.

Luckily, it appears that no passengers were on the bus at the time of the blast. Local media reported that the driver was injured.

A police statement confirmed that the driver had been taken to hospital, however, his status remains unclear. Emergency services are now on site and traffic has been blocked in the immediate area and the explosion is now being treated as a traffic incident.

The Swedish Transport Administration warned that traffic in the city will be affected for the rest of the weekend. The Central Bridge, as well as the Klarat tunnel and the Soderled tunnel have been closed while emergency services clear the scene.