Bilderberg Elites Want Ron Paul and Followers DEAD

You probably are aware that the Bilderberg elites are meeting this weekend. In case you are still wondering who these people are and what they do and why the press doesn’t cover them, there is a plethora of information about them on the web so we won’t waste time explaining here.

If you know who they are, but are still one of the doubters who thinks the Bilderberg crowd is not an elitist group of puppeteers working against the individual sovereignty of countries, then get this…

According to reporter Jim Guy Tucker’s insider info, attendees at this year’s conference have leaked some pretty shocking comments made by some of its most sinister members; included are royalty, heads of US state, and heads of major corporations and their protectors from the Wall Street Journal and New York Times; who are apparently frustrated at the “patriot” movement for thwarting the elitists’ efforts to control the world.

The shocker was not new; they stated that they wished Ron Paul could be assassinated back in 2007 as he prepared his campaign for the presidency

The exact quote this time was the desire to “Get Ron Paul and all of his supporters on an airplane with a Muslim suicide pilot and take ‘em down”…

Do we need any more proof these global oligarchs hate the liberty movement and want Paul and his minions in the freedom revolution dead?

Ron Paul is viewed by many as the only candidate in the 2012 presidential election who would bring ‘change’ to the country. He is feared by the globalists who are said to pick all presidents, determine gas prices, stage the wars, and manipulate the money. Indeed, among them are global bankers, heads of oil companies, and US government officials who are all meeting in violation of the Logan Act.

More information will be forthcoming about their discussions which are expected to include the imposition of the UN’s Law of the Sea Treaty and Agenda 21 which Americans have thusfar resisted.

From the article:

“Back in December 2007, best-selling author and Bilderberg sleuth Daniel Estulin told the Alex Jones Show that the U.S. intelligence establishment was considering assassinating Paul as a means of derailing the Ron Paul Revolution, which later gave rise to the Tea Party and spawned a generation of anti-big government grass roots activists.”

They did succeed in a way, because in 2008, their protectors in the controlled media did hit piece after hit piece on Ron Paul and because gullible conservatives believed them, he did not succeed in the primary. However, his ideas of freedom, liberty, and national sovereignty are gaining momentum and he’s taken enough delegates away from Romney that he has thusfar denied Romney the amount of delegates it will take to assume the nomination in 2012. As a result of his success in over 11 caucuses, there will be a fight in Tampa.

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By Michael Thompson CHANTILLY, Va. – The Bilderbergers, the global leaders of finance and government who convene in secret, were chauffeured through a gauntlet of protesters here today as the annual meetings of the elite group got under way. Each time a staid sedan with tinted windows carrying an unidentified participant gathered speed for a…

• Bilderberg Elites Want Ron Paul and Followers DEAD