‘Beast’ Found In Sandy Hook Woods Prior To School Shooting – What Is The Mysterious Creature In This Video?

What in the world is this mysterious creature that was found in the woods of Sandy Hook several years before the Sandy Hook ‘tragedy’? Does the video below add to claims of satanic behavior in Newtown, Connnecticut, that have popped up across the internet? Sandy Hook isn’t far at all from New Haven, Connecticut, home of Yale, and Skull and Bones.

In the video, Lorraine Warren demonstrates her precognitive abilities when explaining how she knew when her husband would die shortly after her first meeting with him. Her original video was uploaded to YouTube on the pre-anniversary of the Sandy Hook Massacre, December 14th, 2010!

In her museum in a prior video (2009) (within this video), a tour host shares a story of a “hunter” in the “Woods of Sandy Hook” who feels “great evil” after finding an idol, as the devil is walking in lock step beside him (possibly symbolizing his complicity with him) . He asks the devil how he can “get out of here”. The devil points him “into the woods”.

Is this story beginning to sound familiar? If you thought that something was strange about Sandy Hook before, you’re about to take a trip into another dimension.