Bright fireball over Venezuela caught on video, prompts ‘meteor’ suggestions

Footage of a bright light in the night skies of Venezuela has appeared on various social media accounts, apparently shot from different locations of the country. Some people suggested the flash might be a meteor.

The first videos of a mysterious bright object appeared on social media on Saturday night. Most eyewitnesses captured the fireball while out filming at random.

One video has festive music in the background, while another showed people dancing in the street. But all the recordings had something in common: the light from the fireball was so bright that nothing else would immediately come into focus for the authors of the various pieces of footage. 

All videos show that the object crossed the sky at an extremely high speed and had a fire-tail, like meteors usually have when they cut Earth’s atmosphere. However, it’s still not clear whether it was a real meteor or not. Officials have not commented yet on the sightings, reports and videos.