Bilderberg Group may Return to Virginia for Second Year in a Row in 2013

Bilderberg-2012-ProtestorsBy JG Vibes

To most of the people who will end up reading this, it should come as no surprise that most, if not all, of the politicians that are paraded around in front of us are just representatives for the elusive ruling class that sits behind them.

The ruling class controls the various branches of governments through think tanks and international policy organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Committee of 300, and the Bilderberg Group, just to name a few.

To be clear, these forces have not “hijacked” the governments of the world in any way, for something to be hijacked it would have had to be legitimate and benign to begin with.

I make this point because there has not been a single government in the history of the world that was ever devised with the intent of serving the people, although the nationalistic folklore of each country will tell you otherwise, from the United States of America to the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea.

The very function and purpose of any government is to act as the invisible shackles for a massive slave population, extracting their labor through the stealth of taxation for the sake of the ruling class.

This week some interesting news was released that the infamous Bilderberg group may have decided to bring their annual meeting back to the United States, to the same place in Chantilly, Virginia where the conference was held last year.

James Tucker of the American Free Press reported that:

“There is strong evidence that Bilderberg will return to Chantilly, Virginia for its annual closed meeting June 22-24, 2013 at the posh Westfields Marriott near the Dulles Airport. Westfields is booked up for that weekend and individuals are unable to make a one-room reservation, even five months in advance.

Bilderberg has been called the most exclusive and secretive club in the world. To be admitted, you have to own a multinational bank, a multinational corporation or a country. Since its first meeting in 1954, it has been attended by the top power-brokers, financial minds and world leaders.

A source, who has proven reliable for more than  20 years, said that Bilderbergers like former World Bank President James Wolfensohn are concerned about the growing amount of media coverage of these gatherings. Several other Bilderberg boys echoed these sentiments, according to the insider.”

Every year their annual meeting gets even more and more negative attention as the world begins to understand how they have been deceived and manipulated by the people involved with this organization.

In 2011, when they met in Switzerland, they encountered resistance like they had never seen before, in addition to the scores of activists there were also various politicians from the European Union there to protest the meeting.

A politician named Mario Borghezio that went there to protest actually had his nose broken when attempting to enter the hotel.

Just this past year in 2012, Bilderberg had their most recent large scale meeting in this same suggested spot in Virginia and this time the crowds protesting them had grown exponentially.

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