Blackhawk Helicopters Hovering Over Freeway in WA State

I live in Washington State over on the Kitsap Peninsula. I was driving home from work (about 5PM on Tuesday Sept 25th) heading north on Hi-way 16 when I noticed a huge military helicopter hovering directly over the freeway, it
was eerie, it seemed to be observing the oncoming traffic. The nose of the helicopter was in-line with oncoming traffic as well. What also struck me as odd (besides it hovering over traffic) was it’s altitude. It couldn’t have been more then 50 feet above the pine trees, perhaps lower. Then about 1/2 mile down the freeway another helicopter was hovering over to the west of the freeway (same altitude) it however seemed to be directly over trees. I’m not sure what type of helicopter it was, however, judging by some photos I checked online, it resembled a black hawk. I have never seen this in my life here in Washington, and I was born and raised here.