Massive ‘UFO’ Object Being Transported Across The US

Recently I have seen a lot of photos showing a weird object being transported across the United States.. This huge object has been recently spotted on a flatbed truck in Kentucky, Kansas, Maryland and many other states across the U.S. Here are the different two images I posted on our Facebook fan page:

Now that shape is very interesting! It looks very similar to a UFO.. Now some people are claiming that it’s a X-47B Aircraft but how can we be so sure? Many of the skeptics state: “Why would they transport a UFO within plain sight of everyone”? Well how do you know, what they would and wouldn’t do? They would figure people would automatically dismiss the ‘ufo theory’ right away because the government/military wouldn’t be so stupid to transport this within plain sight! They would hide it better than that… Who knows!? Is this part of project Blue Beam? A future prop for a movie? In one of the videos someone claims that a unknown black suv was following the police escort..

To point out some interesting ideas: Recently the ‘captured’ drone in Iran looks kind of similar to the shape of this cargo, could they have been making a new one or even used it to stage the news report in order to go to war with Iran? (Just throwing ideas out for the ufo skeptics) Now you might say; why didn’t they close down the road? Well that would only draw more attention to the cargo, and the next photo I found was taken during the cover of darkness:

Pretty weird right? Now I’m not claiming this thing is a UFO but just brining it to everyones attention for future reference. You can view the wide-load regulations for different states at this link.. You can also read more about ‘UFO’sighting on Abovetopsecret. Here are some videos I found on YouTube:

So who knows if this is a UFO or something else.. If you have any more information about this transport please comment below or send me an email at We will find out sooner or later about this object.. Remember keep your mind, eyes and ears open!