Beyond Mere Thoughts: Strange Bonds Beyond Time & Space

A lot of individuals claim to share unique connections with certain other people in their lives. We hear spouses speaking about the way they can sense factors about each and every other, as well as mothers and fathers who do the identical with their kids. Some people even claim to be capable to communicate psychically with their pets and other animals.

Such connections, if they exist, look capable of bridging the gaps in between pure thoughts, permitting men and women to share communication by means of strange powers that the contemporary sciences have but to recognize. But contemplating the situations that seem to allow this variety of “psychic communication,” could it be that relationships current in between men and women may perform a part in helping comprehend what in fact causes specified psychic phenomenon?

One intriguing and unique area the place telepathic situations tend to typically prevail has to do with fraternal twins. A perfect–if not much better than average–example of this was reported by the Sydney Morning Herald lately, in which a pair of twins who underwent concurrent MRI examinations managed to establish, as a end result of headaches one of them had been having, that a unusual tumor had designed. What makes this strange, of course, is that the twin struggling from headaches had not been the one diagnosed with the tumor:

The Gurney twins is even much more exceptional because it was Brenton who began getting the persistent headaches. It was Brenton who persuaded hale and hearty Craig to join a study of twins (searching into psychological health and resilience) simply because it included an MRI scan.

The MRI test picked up no abnormalities in Brenton’s brain. But Craig, who never ever suffers headaches, got the shock news: a massive and rare tumour in the base of his skull.

Related unique connections tend to also seem between lovers (a certain phenomenon I’ve knowledgeable numerous times myself). In his book Otherworldly Affaires, writer Brad Steiger notes an amazing incident that was discussed in the December, 1954 edition of Fate Magazine. As the story goes, a Mrs. Charlotte T. Mazue of Los Angeles, California, penned an uncommon tale exactly where she claimed to have effectively connected the specific instructions to her new place of residence to her husband… and entirely through means of telepathy!

The event in query took place in 1942, and Mrs. Mazue had moved to a new location even though her husband Charles had been stationed near San Francisco. All of a sudden one day, Charles came to Charlotte’s thoughts, providing her the distinct impression that he was trying to reach her telepathically. “Perhaps he had acquired a leave,” she thought, but then grew to become concerned, due to the fact she realized that she had neglected to publish to Charles, informing him of the place of their new house! Steiger recounts the rest of the story as follows:

“I quietly repeated to myself every hour before retiring, ‘Honey, we now live in Hollywood. Come to Kingsley Drive at Santa Monica Boulevard. Rear of gift shop. Red brick court. Upstairs at the back’,” Mrs. Mazue wrote.

It started to rain when she retired at 10:30 P.M. At half-past midnight, the door chimes brought her tumbling out of bed, calling: “Coming, dear!” She confidently opened the door to find a drenched, but smiling, Charles. “So this is home,” he said, as he hugged her close to him.

Charles told her that he, of course, had had no idea that she had moved. “Seems as if someone pushed and pulled me here. I hitchhiked in and told the driver to let me out at Kingsley Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard. Then I walked to the rear of the gift shop and upstairs to you. Funny thing is, I distinctly heard you say, ‘That’s right, darling’.”

Had Charles literally been able to “hear” the directions Charlotte had been providing him telepathically? If the events associated right here are certainly genuine and precise, how else are we to interpret the situations? In addition, if it is feasible for lovers to become so close that they can attain feats such as these in the absence of any verbal communication, could just about any person discover to do the same, and with the identical wonderful detail and efficiency? Eventually, if psychic feats such as telepathy could be accessible to practically any individual, then maybe certain close bonds that we construct with other individuals in life supply all-natural grounds that are conducive to this kind of capacity. Strength in numbers, as the outdated axiom goes.

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