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Support Examiner! Boycott Alfred Webre!

By Jeffery Pritchett

OK, recently Alfred Webre was kicked off and called for a boycott through an extensive campaign on UFO and paranormal sites and even on YouTube. This is the guy that has presented us with articles declaring Obama has gone to Mars with 97,000 people and only 7,000 returned because of Mars predators eating them and bad weather.  This is the guy that has written about such things as the Andromeda Council shooting laser beams from space and blowing up Reptilian bases under the ocean. Now he has made his being let go from into the biggest foolish story known to all of mankind. works for the illuminaughty and is part of some terrible conspiracy against him to not let out the story regarding Obama teleporting to Mars through a jump shoot teleporter machine.  Spare me the madness, please!

Ah, come on folks.  It’s amazing how many worshipers of Webre out there buy up his hogwash and support these stories without any serious research or common sense whatsoever and have jumped unto the boycott because his butt hurt about being thrown off. I say good job Examiner for getting rid of this foolishness and letting it not continue on! Many people support Examiner and think they’ve done a wonderous thing when it comes to cleaning up its rank and act with letting Webre go. Of course then you have all the cultish followers of Webre who attack every Examiner article I post up now with slogans of boycott. So here I am freedom fighting on behalf of Examiner! Someone has to do it! So I say support Examiner and be grateful that they have decided to fight on behalf of the truth when it comes to Ufology and the Paranormal and cleaned up some of this mess dripping from Webre’s friends down at Sesame Street. Let’s face it this isn’t about truth with Webre this is about losing deniros!

I recently had a run in with the Fruit Bowl radio show about one of my articles and had some of the nicest support from Examiner I have ever seen from a support group. So one thing I would like to say is the Fruit Bowl the unnamed radio show whose name I will not mention because they are so quick at proclaiming lawsuits. They have tried to lump me into the group of Webre when it comes to my articles. Webres articles are nuts and my articles question the nuts! So big difference there guys and remember to take your medication next time around the bend! So here is what Webre is saying and I will post it up so you can laugh over it or protest whatever floats your banannas!

Video: ‘Operation Mockingbird’-like censorship leads to call for consumer boycott



SUMMARY: “Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal Judge and founder of Exopolitics Alfred Lambremont Webre is calling for consumers to occupy an immediate boycott of pay-per-impression advertising funded news website Citing a “frontal assault on the Truth movement,” Mr. Webre shows a timeline of events demonstrating how’s corporate publication ban against the Seattle Exopolitics Examiner is an Illuminati agenda-inspired media hit targeting the columnist who revealed President Barack Obama’s participation in the CIA’s secret Mars visitation program.”

All I can do is laugh at this really and shenanigans of Webre who once told Ted Roe of NARCAP one of the coolest people I know that he was a mind controlled reptilian shapeshifter because Roe disagreed with his antics. This is the kinda stuff that is destroying Ufology at its core and I believe if anyone is working for anyone that is Illuminaughty like its Webre and not Examiner at all. Like the works of Hoaxland, Webre spews out disinformation with no proof and wild tales of intergalactic space wars and blowing up lizardman bases for hits to his page for the hard cold cash of it. A foreshadowing of the demise of Ufology through Exopolitics. Exopolitics which has many jokesters like this sprouting out wild tales of fanciful devilish that people believe at the drop of a hat because their bored!

Of course now I work for the illuminaughy and I’m a reptilian shapeshifter. “Waggles forked tongue!” Slither. Slither. I am the lizard king I can do anything! The Exopolitics view on Reptilians of these beings who exist is much like the Nazi Germany view of the Jewish people. Finger pointing and labeling them all evil and controlling the White House and every government institution across the planet in order to enslave the human mind and consciousness and usher in New World Order. The crock keeps crocking and I say its time to fight back against this unslaught of hatred and despicable racism of an alien race that we know nothing about hardly at all except for speculation. To sit back and label an entire race like that if it exists which I believe it does on some level interdimensionally are the things that lead to genocide like we deal with on own planet in so many third world regions! So boycott Alfred Webre and not Examiner! Support Examiner in making a decision that is supported positively by many and hated by a few handfuls of people that support Webre and his muppets like Basiago etc.

This is the nonesense that needs to be cleansed from Ufology to get to the truth. All this Illuminaughty paranoia and reptilian shapeshifters hellbent on dominating Earth for intergalactic slavery. Then the psychosis of Obama going to Mars in a teleporting beam of doom and glee with Basiago. I also remember reading an article of Webre’s not so long ago that said FEMA had alien technology that would enslave the soul of man and teleport them into bodies in FEMA camps for imprisonment. This is sci-fi nonsense at its best with no proof or scientific evidence and written by people surely for the purpose of grandiose hits and earnings. Now of course me the Reptilian who is taking the side of the Examiner will be labeled a disinformation agent spook bent on stopping the plots of Webre’s plans that will fail entirely and probably not effect Examiner at all. That is why I wrote this article to all the people of Ufology and in the truth movement. To fight on the side of Examiner on their behalf and say Examiner is okay. They may not be perfect and who is but I wholey seriously doubt they work for the Illuminaughy. If anything Webre does and is paid scripts to feed to the public’s eye to make serious subjects become jokes not to be taken seriously. While experiencers and contactees get laughed at and scoffed at from the public and media who are geniunely going through ordeals of intergalactic dimensional proportions. So someone had to go this far and it might as well be me. Cause I got nothing to lose when it comes to telling the truth with my supposed reptilian two edged bladed tongue of smiting! Screaming forth Boycott Webre and support Examiner!

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