Bilderberg power masters meet in US (to decide upcoming election)

Every single time a “Bilderberg Meeting” takes place, crucial issues come about. The last time they met in the US was an election year, 2008 – and the globe got Obama. This year they’re back in the US: will they decide who the up coming president of the United States.

When in 2008 they gathered from June 5 to 8 in Chantilly, Virginia – just a stone’s throw from the Washington DC – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had been neck-in-neck in the battle for the Democratic Party’s presidential candidacy.

On June 5 of that year, Barack and Hillary mysteriously “disappeared” for some hrs “somewhere in the DC place.” Their agendas blocked out, they obviously sneaked off to “Meet the Bilderbergers.”

The media kept mum about that, save for an Associated Press report on the campaign trail saying that, “reporters traveling with Obama sensed a thing might be happening in between the pair (i.e. Obama and Hillary) when they arrived at Dulles International Airport after an occasion in Northern Virginia and Obama was not aboard the airplane. Asked at the time about the Illinois Senator’s whereabouts, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs smiled and declined to comment.” (The AP dispatch “Obama and Clinton meet, go over uniting Democrats” is, strangely, “no longer available” on their website).

Be that as it may, two days later, Hillary withdrew from the race and Obama grew to become the presidential candidate. Did Bilderberg make Hillary “an offer she couldn’t refuse” to clear the way for Obama to the White House? Did they promise her that she would turn into his Secretary of State?

Although most Bilderberg annual meetings are held in Europe – France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, England, Scotland, Norway – this US election year they’re yet again gathering at the Westfield Marriott Hotel in Virginia from Might 30 to June 3. Either they’re extremely fond of that place… or of US elections… or both…!

So the question is: will “key presidential candidacy decisions” be made once more this year? Will a Republican wildcard seem? A “God-inspired Burning Bush” of some sort, possibly?

Exerting Worldwide Leverage

A favored Bilderberg method consists of inviting wannabe long term heads of state to their meetings to establish no matter whether they will go along with their agenda. We as a result saw George H. W. Bush attend their 1985 meeting, Bill Clinton attend their 1991 meeting, Tony Blair in 1993, and Romano Prodi, former head of the EU Commission, in 1999.

So what precisely is Bilderberg? It’s neither an organization nor a lobby. The “Bilderberg Meetings,” as they dub themselves in their (apparently) official website, is a “by-invitation-only” club of close to 140 extremely higher-power men and women from organization, finance, oil, politics, media, business, academia and nobility who come collectively in a very private no-media / no cameras / incredibly-tight-security surroundings to discuss… Well… there’s the rub: what precisely do they discuss?

They describe themselves as “a tiny, flexible, informal and off-the-record international forum in which distinct viewpoints can be expressed and mutual comprehending enhanced. Bilderberg’s only activity is its annual Conference. At the meetings, no resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued.”

Accurate adequate. Actually, they really don’t require to simply because each person member’s power is so extremely vast that what ever they agree will forcefully span the globe through their far-reaching leverage and clout.

A Global Net of Private Power

Though extremely higher up on the Pyramid, Bilderberg is not the International Elite’s power center.

Instead, Bilderberg is a crucial group inside of a significantly a lot more huge, a lot more complicated, much less centralized, and extremely efficient International Power Network, wherever they interact and overlap with other organizations, clubs, lobbies and groups, all getting typical financial, monetary, social and (geo)political goals in the Globalist Agenda.

This incorporates this kind of key entities as the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (prolonged-phrase geopolitical planners), its London-primarily based sister entity Royal Institute of International Affairs (aka “Chatham House”), RAND Corp., CSIS, the American Enterprise Institute (strategic affairs specialists), Tavistock Institute in London (mass psychology research), the Carnegie Endowment, and the Trilateral Commission “umbrella” entity (founded 1973 by Rockefeller / Morgan / Rothschild interests, geared to coordinating the Americas, Europe and the East).

These so-known as “Think Tanks” in turn interact with consultancies like Kissinger Associates, The Carlyle Group (specializing in oil tactics and acquiring the Bush, Bin Laden and Baker families as key shareholders), or Trilateralist Claus Schwab’s World Financial Forum.

Sources and more information:

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• Bilderberg power masters meet in US (to decide upcoming election)

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