Big Pharma Takeover Of Med Marijuana In 2013

By Ron Marczyk, RN
Toke of the Town Columnist 

Reasons Obama Will Shut Down Medical Marijuana

World’s Biggest Marijuana Dispensary Targeted by the Feds…

Obama’s drug czar: White House is ‘interested’ in medical marijuana

It has already started… This is what a dying war on marijuana looks like.

The U.S. government is in an untenable position; the war on marijuana has failed completely, but the U.S. government also holds the sole medical marijuana patent ever granted, which proves that cannabinoids from cannabis are powerful medicines that can save thousands of lives annually and save the government billions of dollars in health costs, treating everything from cancer to neurological diseases.

But after 75 years of misinformation and brainwashing the U.S. population, and the world, that marijuana is an evil drug that must be eliminated, how can it now do a 180 degree turn and sell marijuana as a medicine to the same population? The coming verbal somersaults will be amazing!

Will the next president institute big changes for American drug policy? If so, the new marijuana majority who vote want to hear both candidates’ views on medical and recreational legalization of marijuana before we vote, but…

Isn’t it odd that President Obama, who is very thoughtful and very articulate, will not discuss the topic of medical marijuana and becomes tongue-tied when he tries to explain his administration’s position on marijuana? He even had the nerve to blow off the White House petitions on marijuana that were on the website this past year.

Isn’t it odd that Romney, who is a Mormon and who doesn’t even drink tea, coffee, or alcohol, and with his business history of corporate takeovers at Bain Capital as a vulture capitalist who would love to slice and dice, and transfer medical marijuana into the hands of a for-profit corporation, also stands with Obama on this same issue, refusing to take reporters’ questions?

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